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Parkman Community House in New Hands
February 6, 2014 | No Comments

Elizabeth Sanders, the newly appointed Parkman Township Community House coordinator, was sworn in Feb. 4 by Fiscal Officer Joyce Peters.

Sanders, who also volunteers in Parkman as an EMT-I and firefighter, was optimistic about her new position.

“I want to maintain the Community House for people to continue to use it,” she said. “I’ll enjoy maintaining it properly.”

Sanders is a people person and has a very flexible schedule, which were both factors in her selection, said Trustee Roger Anderson.

“She also has a hearty work ethic and should fill our needs very well,” he said.

Although updates will likely be necessary in the near future, Sanders intends to keep the antique look of the historical landmark intact.

“A lot of people have said they like the older look,” she said. “I’ve always liked antiques and older houses and taking good care of things. I’ll keep up with it.”

In other news, Parkman Township has been cut off from the county’s road salt supply until urther notice from the county, said Road Superintendent Tom Evers.

“The county has cut off our salt and cinders supply, effective Jan. 27, due to (The Ohio Department of Transportation’s) salt shortage. And until ODOT’s happy, no one’s getting anything,” Evers said.

He was approved to purchase up to 100 tons of cinders and grits from Lakeside Sand and Gravel to mix with the remaining 30 tons of salt and cinders left in Parkman.

“We have no idea how long this will go on. Even when we start getting material from the county, they’ll have to readjust their prices from this whole ordeal,” said Evers.

Trustee Dennis Ikeler agreed.

“You’ll be lucky to see any more salt this year,” he said.

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