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Saunders, Hunter Rise To Top in Huntsburg
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Voters chose two Huntsburg Township trustees — Nancy Saunders and Jon Hunter — from a pool of five candidates in Tuesday’s election.

Incumbent Jon Hunter logged 222 votes, while newcomer Nancy Saunders had 255.

Saunders will replace Jim Baker, who had 157 votes, according to final unofficial results from the Geauga County Board of Elections.

The township has 1,484 votes in two precincts, according to the website.

Two other new candidates, Jason Sutter and Al Vontorcik, received 136 and 218 votes, respectively.

Budgeting and finance in light of dwindling state funding top the list of critical issues facing the local government, Saunders told the Geauga County Maple Leaf last month.

Last Wednesday morning, Saunders commented on her win.

“I’m delighted and honored my residents chose me this time,” she said. “I will continue to work diligently for this community.”

Saunders served as the township’s administrative assistant for the past six years and also as the elected fiscal officer for 26 years prior to that.

She said she understands government budgeting and finance and is ready to roll up her sleeves and work.

Tuesday’s win was her second attempt at securing a trustees spot, as she had run for trustee in 2009 but lost.

Saunders said she hopes to include residents in the process as local officials look for ways to sustain township services with decreased state funding.

The new trustee said she worked hard to help bring nearly $1 million to the township in state grants from OPWC, NatureWorks and in tire recycling grants.

“I believe by including the residents in the decision making, we can achieve an efficient form of government staying in the township’s budget,” she said in October. “I believe in keeping Huntsburg a rural community, safe for raising a family and growing old. My heart has always been in Huntsburg.”

Hunter said he was thankful to the voters for re-electing him last week.

“It was a close election,” Hunter said. “All the people are good people. I feel fortunate to get the opportunity to serve another four years. I’d like to continue what we’ve been doing the last four years, by keeping up with maintaining the roads and the facilities.”

He added, “I hope to stay within the budget. We spent a lot of money in the roads the last few years.”


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