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Sheriff’s Report
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The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriff's Office March 7-13. In total, the sheriff's office handled 300 calls…

The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office March 7-13. In total, the sheriff’s office handled 300 calls during this seven-day period.


March 13

7:17 p.m., Mayfield Road, Claridon. My neighbor is outside my trailer throwing stuff at us and screaming at us. Has never really spoken to him before; do not know why he is acting like this. He appears to be on drugs or intoxicated. Caller did nothing to provoke him. Caller got back to his residence with his mom and he threw a flower pot at their car and yelled “f$#% you, go away” at my mom. He is on the caller’s porch now and is screaming. He is keying my car now. He has a knife in his hand. He is throwing knives at my house. Unknown if he has the knife now or if it is stuck in the house. He just went into his trailer. A couple of people just went into the trailer.


March 11

1:28 a.m., Nicki Lane, Hambden. Twenty-six-year-old male possible heroin overdose. Unknown if breathing or pulse. Shallow pulse and breathing. Sat up and then went unconscious again. Friend saw track marks; no drugs or needles visible. Just got out of jail; he has been in jail six months and has been in and out of rehab. Subject was awake and alert when deputy arrived. Squad checked him out and he refused medical treatment. Did not see any drugs or drug paraphernalia in the subject’s room.

Extra Patrol

March 12

8:53 p.m., Soltis Road, Parkman. Yesterday morning around 11:30 a.m. a male in a blue Chrysler minivan, a white male with brown hair and a mustache, stopped my sister and asked her at what age Amish people start having sex and said she looked good for her age. Would just like extra patrol in the area.


March 12

11:52 p.m., Cardinal Drive, Troy. Elderly female has fallen and has six to seven snakes on her. Caller says the snakes are black and came out of the couch. Caller said she is holding them and if she drops them they will bite her. Female did not fall down; she is only calling because of snakes. No snakes. TRFD transported for mental evaluation.


March 8

9:17 p.m., Robert Lane, Auburn. Ex-husband logged on under her son’s name and mother’s name for airline points and used them to buy plane tickets. Caller would like a report. Deputy advised. Possible protection order violation.

March 11

4:26 p.m., Vista Pointe Drive, Claridon. Complainant stated he was alerted by his tax consultant on today’s date that his tax return was rejected due to his SSN already being used by unknown person. Complainant was advised by FTC to file police report so they had record of incident. Complainant contacted Department of Taxation and major credit bureaus. No suspect information to follow up on. Case closed; report provided.

March 12

11:35 a.m., Eastwood Drive, Auburn. Someone has written two checks on my account without my knowing. Possibly made a copy of my checks.

Juvenile Problem

March 8

2:02 p.m, Cloverdale Drive, Middlefield. Teenage boy walking away from home. Doesn’t want to follow the rules. Mom left to get cigarettes and beer, and on her way home she found him. He was on foot with his younger sister, walking down Cloverdale. Mom now has the sister but boy will not come home. One juvenile male arrested and transported to Geauga Portage Juvenile Detention Center.


March 7

9:53 p.m., GAR Highway, Hambden. Male bought alcohol and then put it in a car of juveniles. Juveniles left toward Chardon in a nice blue car. Male was in red Focus. Chardon PD informed of call.

March 9

3:55 p.m., Auburn Road, Munson. There is what appears to be a stick of dynamite in the grass just south of my mailbox. Deputy advised. The road flare was removed and discarded.

March 13

8:25 p.m., Rapids Road, Troy. Suspicious vehicle on hunting property on Rapids at the county line. Info added to call. Male was urinating.


March 10

2:35 p.m., Colonial Court, Auburn. Lobby call. Theft of guns.


March 7

2:45 p.m., Auburn Road, Chardon. I broke up with my girlfriend in 2005 and she is still harassing me and my family. Complainant advised a past girlfriend keeps trying to communicate with him and sometimes drives by his house. Complainant further stated there has been nothing threatening but feels it’s uncomfortable because they broke up in the year 2005. Complainant lives in Ashtabula County, but his mother still talks to her over the phone “willingly” in Geauga County. Advice given on obtaining restraining order.

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