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Sheriff’s Reports
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The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriff's Office June 27 through June 3. In total, the sheriff's office…

The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office June 27 through June 3. In total, the sheriff’s office handled 434 calls during this seven-day period.


July 3

8:43 a.m., Sherman Road, Munson. Between Fowlers Mills and Rockhaven, tandem dump trucks going down Sherman Road and it’s to narrow with other vehicles. Request patrol for the trucks. They are going both directions. Started yesterday and again now today. Male called back and is livid. He feels that the road is not wide enough for these trucks. He wants to know what and why they are there and what is being dumped. he says they are over loaded and go very slow up the hill and block his driveway, then speed when they are empty.


June 27

11:31 a.m., Kinsman Road, Newbury. Female employee is being harassed on her cell by unknown male. Dispatch responded to the location and spoke to the complainant. After speaking with the complainant, I learned that the telephone calls were a scam attempt. Complainants info has not been compromised, at this time. Complainant will contact her cell phone provided to have the suspicious number blocked and change her pre paid cell phone number.


July 3

7:43 p.m., Joann Drive, Montville. Five dogs at location, have been barking for approximately two hours now. Deputy sat in front of the house for approximately 10 minutes and never heard a dog bark.


June 27

8:43 p.m., Auburn Road, Newbury. Three vehicles in the field off Pekin Road north side, west of Auburn Road, tearing the property up. Caller was a third party, her husband saw the cars. Deputies spoke with the males who were doing “donuts” in the field for Ho Mi Koda Camp. They had permission. Deputy left message for manager of camp to call back.

June 27

10:45 p.m., Hosmer Road. About 30 minutes ago the caller went through the intersection of Hosmer and 88 and someone was shining a green laser on the horse of his buggy, spooking him. They did it to the buggy following him as well. He thinks it may have been coming from the southeast corner. Deputy responded. Spoke to residents at southeast corner. They said they saw the laster and thought it was from the north.

June 28

8:10 p.m., Mayfield Road, Claridon. A white Lincoln Town car stopped at the car lot on the corner. A blond female got out and took the wipers off of a truck that is for sale. She got in her vehicle with the wiper blades and went northbound on 608. Unknown plate. This occurred roughly 5 minutes before it was reported. Female was roughly 5’2″ with sandy blond shoulder length hair. She was wearing a blue tank top and light colored shorts. The male was bald.


July 1

10:07 a.m., Tavern Road, Troy. Miller’s Custom Wood Working. Spoke with the complainant about a break in that occurred on June 27th. The complainant is concerned this incident may be related to there recent break-ins that took place in the area. No property lost. Complainant advised that someone broke the window on his shop. Nothing was taken and all his tools were not disturbed, but the family dog was missing, small half breed white and black.

July 2

4:51 p.m., Main Market Road, Troy. Caller advised a male just came into the location and said that a female was claiming to be his daughter. The girls and her friends stole two kayaks from this location. It is unknown who the suspects are. Caller wants to meet with a deputy.

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