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Sheriff’s Reports
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The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriff's Office March 21-27. In total, the sheriff's office handled 261 calls…

The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office March 21-27. In total, the sheriff’s office handled 261 calls during this seven-day period.


March 21

11:21 p.m., Mumford Road, Troy. Caller believes that a dog is in his backyard chasing his livestock and is worried the dog will kill his chickens. Complainant was called back due to priority calls. The dog has left his property and deputy response was no longer needed. Complainant advised he would follow up with the dog warden.

March 23

1:26 a.m., Auburn Road, Newbury. In the front yard of Blue Lakes Farm there is a dead horse. The caller said that it was very disturbing. Deputy responded, dead horse is by the front barn, covered with a blanket.


March 24

10:34 p.m., Rock Creek Road, Hambden. Caller states there was a male at the location who threatened some people in the parking lot with a gun. Caller states the male started saying things to his girlfriend and then the caller. They got into an altercation in the parking lot and the male pulled a gun and pointed it at the caller. The male left in a yellow Dodge truck. Caller states he tackled the male when he pulled the gun. Caller in the parking lot with his girlfriend. Report taken.


March 26

10:29 p.m., Bascom Road, Hambden. Caller believed someone tried to force their way through the front door. Caller cannot see anyone and she locked herself inside her bathroom. No vehicles parked in the driveway. Complainant’s car is in the garage. There are no weapons in the house. Motion light are on the back of the house and in the driveway. There is a light on the back deck. Deputy responded. No one located on the property. No shoe prints located in the fresh snow.


March 21

9:37 a.m., Patch Road, Troy. Caller stated they were having a problem with trucks doing donuts in their field. They are entering where Patch meets with Jug. This seems to occur after midnight on Fridays. Complainant would like extra patrol and will call if they hear or see this occurring. Deputy placed on the extra patrol board.


March 27

8:45 p.m., Center Street, Chardon. Complainant would like to file a police report for something that happened at tonight’s commissioners meeting in Chardon. Complainant states he was harassed and threatened by two different persons while walking out of the meeting tonight.


March 21

7:40 a.m., Club Lane, Auburn. Caller is feeding the animals for the homeowners while they are out of town. There was an overweight male sitting in a dark colored PT Cruiser type vehicle with 30-day tags at the end of Club Lane smoking cigarettes. There were no children around like he was waiting for a school bus or anything. Caller spoke with homeowner and asked if this was normal and they said they thought it was strange, especially with the break-ins in the area lately. Deputy checked Auburn Lakes and was unable to find the male and vehicle.

5:51 p.m., Cloverdale Drive, Middlefield. Caller reported seeing a strange green car with white flames and unusual rims. Caller thinks it is there to sell drugs. African-American man driving and white man in passenger seat. Deputy checked the area and were unable to locate the car. Deputy spoke with the complainant who stated she observed the car at the stop sign. She had not seen it in the area before nor the occupants. She felt as though they were in the area for illegal activity.

March 24

7:52 p.m., Madison Road, Huntsburg. Male and female parked in a green pickup truck in the parking lot of Huntsburg Elementary involved in inappropriate sexual activity. Cleaning person asked that a deputy make contact. Deputy located vehicle in the parking lot. When he arrived, there was two people in the vehicle and they appeared to be talking. Checked both parties for warrants, but nothing returned for either person. Deputy spoke with caller who said that it appeared to her that they were kissing when she pulled in, and she thought they might have been engaged in sexual activity, but she was not sure because she could not see into the vehicle.

March 25

4:07 p.m., Bell Street, Newbury. Caller reported that on March 21 an unknown person came into my barn and left a box containing an XBOX. On March 24, they returned, coming into my home and leaving a note on the door stating, “I thought you were a UPS drop off location.” On both occasions, the resident was not home when the person entered the property. Deputy responded.


March 25

11:23 p..m., Grove Road, Parkman. Caller states he saw a vehicle go in the ditch. Can see one person out on the phone, does not know if anyone is injured. Unknown how many people are in the vehicle. He could not provide a vehicle description. It is shut off at the time. Deputy advised. One male arrested for OVI.

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