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Sirnas Farm Purchases Pizza Shop in Auburn Township
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The surname is the same, but the ownership is new.Although Franco's Pizza will keep its handle, its new owners, the Sirna family, said the restaurant…

The surname is the same, but the ownership is new.
Although Franco’s Pizza will keep its handle, its new owners, the Sirna family, said the restaurant promises to bring service and great food to local pizza lovers.
The family, who owns and operates Sirna Farm Market on state Route 44 in Auburn Township, opened the pizza shop, located at 11782 East Washington Street, last Friday.
Both the shop and the farm market are located two miles apart from each other, said owner Craig Sirna.
The family will incorporate their own homemade products and local produce from their farm market, Sirna’s Farm Inc., into their products.
“I’m very excited to add to the menu,” said manager Kaitlyn Sirna. “My mom, Anne, and I love cooking, so I’m sure we can create some great new items.”
The shop’s new ownership is formally known as Localicious, LLC.
One of its highlights is an award-winning pizza that received national and international recognition.
The Sirnas said they are eager to incorporate local and new items to the menu, but the first priority of the menu is to showcase said award-winning pizza.
It competed internationally in Italy and France, and most recently won national awards in Las Vegas.
A spring 2014 trip to a competition in Italy is planned as well, Kaitlyn added.
Craig said he is eager to use his homemade family recipe of Italian sausage.
Other toppings will included cheese, tomato, basil and nitrate-free bacon. Most of the ingredients are from local growers around the state and within Geauga County, the owners said.
“Ninety percent of our products used come from within 30 miles of our farm,” Craig said.
Originally, the pizza shop was constructed as Papa’s Pizza six years ago, then was sold to a Middlefield pizza vendor.
The Middlefield owner operated it for about a year before turning it over to the Franco’s Pizza franchise, which also operates stores in Hartsgrove, Chardon and Avon Lake.
“Franco trained us in how to make pizzas,” Kaitlyn said, adding although the Sirna family is new to the pizza business, it has years of experience in food service and management due to running the farm market.
Craig’s father operated Sirna’s Caf in Bedford. In all, the Sirna family has over 60 years of experience operating food and produce service and retailing.
The new store will feature a few seats and tables, although the bulk of items will be pizzas at first and most orders will be take-out, Craig said.
Eventually, the family said it plans to add more menu items such as subs and sandwiches.
After the duo discussed the future of the pizza shop, they said they looked forward to running the farm market again next June.
Although the market is closed for the season, it will run from June 1 to Oct. 31, 2014.
“By next June, we will have the ability to run both the pizza shop and the farm market together,” Craig said.
The 150-acre farm contains various types of produce and crops and operates as a seasonal produce market.
“And most, if not all, of it is local,” Craig added. “We are just proud to be a part of Geauga County.”

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