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Sheriff’s Report
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Sept. 6-12

The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriffs Office Sept. 6-12. In total, the sheriffs office handled 318 calls…

The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriffs Office Sept. 6-12. In total, the sheriffs office handled 318 calls during this seven-day period.

Animal Problem

Sept. 12

1:17 p.m., Old State Road, Hambden. Neighbors goat is in our yard again. Goat is eating the plants. Deputy advised. Goat left and complainant will take to his neighbors.

9:19 p.m., Claridon Troy Road, Claridon. Requesting assistance getting bat out of the residence. Bat gone prior to arrival.


Sept. 6

3:46 a.m., Ravenna Road, Claridon. Received a call from the ER. A male just called and said he was mugged, shot and stabbed in Cleveland Heights. Bullet wound is in the leg and four stab wounds. Said he couldnt afford to call a squad. ETA to hospital is about two minutes and he should be in a Jeep Wrangler. Nothing reportedly taken from complainant. Occurred in area of Cedar and Lee. Suspect information obtained and passed on to Cleveland Heights PD.

Citizen Dispute

Sept. 8

7:09 p.m., Stone Road, Newbury. Resident had his water disconnected from Restful Lake will due to not paying association dues. Caller stating the resident is now trying to hook the well up back to his property on his own, without paying the dues owed to use the well. Deputy advised. Complainant explained the resident was more than $6,000 delinquent in homeowner association dues since 2007. At advice of its attorney, association had a professional disconnect service to the home. Complainant main concern now was the safety of the well and wanted information documented.

Domestic Violence

Sept. 9

9:13 p.m., Cuyahoga Trail, Russell. Male complainant was assaulted by his girlfriend. She then pulled a handgun on him and fired two shots at him while in the bedroom. Male fled the home and currently is at his mothers. Female has been drinking; no drug abuse. Firearm was left on a stone wall in front of the property. Male was struck multiple times and had rocks thrown at him; refusing rescue. Squad needed to female with finger injury.


Sept. 6

2:11 p.m., W. High Street, Middlefield. Caller witnessed a drug deal at grocery story. Male driving an old white car and a female in a white Ford Fusion with tinted windows. Female is parked at supercenter now. Plates taken from both vehicles.

Sept. 12

2:20 p.m., Boulder Glen Drive, Munson. Male possible heroin overdose. He is in basement. Male is breathing but making weird noises. Male is a heroin addict. He relapsed last night and we picked him up. Munson rescue transported male to UH?Geauga. Drugs seized from scene.

Extra Patrol

Sept. 6

12:54 p.m., Crestwood Road, Newbury. Newbury Township Trustees asking for extra patrol on back roads behind St. Helens. Residents are complaining of speeders since school started.

9:16 p.m., Clark Road, Chardon. Small red pickup and a very loud pickup. Two males live in the area of the construction zone keep throwing road closed signs in the ditch and tonight they took one into Concord. Would like extra patrol. Road department will be putting up a deer camera to try and catch them as well. Checked roadway, signs still in place.


Sept. 11

2:17 a.m., Lakeview Road, Munson. I was talking on my phone to my sister in West Virginia and some guy in a late-model green Ford, either Bronco or Explorer, just drove up the end of my driveway at the end and stopped, and asked me if he could ask me a question. Then he asked me if, I have a big di$% and If he could see it. I found this offensive and would like to file a report for sexual harassment. Caller wanted info passed on to Geauga Park District.


Sept. 7

1:15 a.m., Kinsman Road, Newbury. Checking on two Jeep Cherokees, flag store across from Teagues Plaza. Cite for marijuana and more.

Sept. 9

10:31 a.m., Forest Road, Claridon. Caller found a yard of mulch at the end of her driveway. No one is at home now. A pile of brown mulch was left in the driveway with the name Dustin on a cardboard Budweiser carton. Checked with neighbors but no one ordered mulch and nobody knows who Dustin is.


Sept. 7

9:11 p.m., Auburn Road, Chardon. Four wheeler was out by road with For Sale sign. It is now gone when complainant came home from dinner. UTL/GOA.

Sept. 10

7:54 a.m., Radcliffe Road, Hambden. Callers wife went to put on her jewelry this morning and it was missing. Report taken.

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