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Sheriff’s Report
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The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriff's Office Feb. 7-13. In total, the sheriff's office handled 296 calls…

The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office Feb. 7-13. In total, the sheriff’s office handled 296 calls during this seven-day period.

Animal Problem

Feb. 12
1:29 p.m., Aquilla Road, Claridon. Swan in the road. Not sure if it is injured. Rescue Village will be out to get the swan.

Citizen Assist

Feb. 7
6:34 a.m., Ravenna Road, Claridon. Subject was brought in earlier from being found intoxicated in the snow. His alcohol level is normal now and he needs a ride home to Newbury. Doctor stated the subject is at about a 0.10 percent but is medically cleared. Subject has nobody at home or in the area that can take care of him. Doctor was advised sheriff’s office is unable to take him home until he sobers up. Hospital will call back when he sobers up.

Feb. 9
4:54 p.m., Mayfield Road, Claridon. Female is locked in her house. The old latch on the front door is blocking her from opening the door. She cannot get out the back door because it is a steep step. A stool is under the back door. Opened the door for complainant. Complainant has friends coming over who will adjust the door latch.

Citizen Dispute

Feb. 8
5:10 p.m., Hautala Road, Montville. 2003 Dodge Ram was picked up by Munez and Castillo Auto on Dec. 5 and taken to Columbus for repairs. The vehicle was supposed to be returned after two weeks but the caller is unable to make contact with the business and the phone number has been disconnected. Civil matter involving an auto repair shop in Columbus. Advice given.


Feb. 8
2:55 p.m., Auburn Road, Munson. I was scammed. I received a call that my grandson was in trouble and to send money to get him cleared of the charges. He talked to me like he was my grandson’s attorney. I went to CVS and sent them $500 and am suppose to send them more money on Monday. Deputy advised. She wanted this documented and did not want her name used or released publicly.

9:05 p.m., La Verne Lane, Hambden. Complainant has received one voicemail from an unknown company from an unlisted number requesting she send her overdue balance to a P.O. Box. Caller asking to speak to a deputy because this scam recently was on the news. Most likely a scam. Advice given.

Feb. 10
12:05 p.m., Longview Trail, Auburn. Theft of identity. Met with complainant who stated she received information from Kay Jewelry in Pennsylvania that an unknown female made a purchase in the amount of $7,949.12 in the name of caller. She called sheriff’s office to file report per the advice of Kay Jewelry, who advised caller she is not responsible for the amount charged. Kay Jewelry is checking with mall security to see if any follow up information can be forwarded to local police department. GCSO documented incident per request of caller. Transaction happened on Feb. 9 at Willowbrook Mall in Willowbrook, Pa. Caller advised to contact BMV and major credit bureaus to notify them of her personal information being compromised.

Feb. 11
11:35 a.m., Washington Street, Auburn. Customer wrote bad checks for $900. Septic customer paid for services by means of check that did not clear. Check was written in September and complainant is calling now to make police report. Complainant stated he has been in contact with customer who keeps “stringing him along,” stating he is sending money or has sent money. Deputy contacted customer who stated he will pay full amount owed by 11 a.m. Feb. 12. Complainant stated he will follow through with formal police report if customer fails to show.


Feb. 7
6:06 p.m., Farmington Road, Parkman. When complainant walks down Farmington Road, taxi drivers come up behind him and blow their horns to scare him. Police at motel attempting to contact subject about the vehicle.

Feb. 13
10:46 a.m., Water Street, Chardon. Out checking vehicle parked in parking lot of above over near the motel. K-9 did alert on the vehicle, found drug paraphernalia. Owner of plaza called to have car towed.


Feb. 7
4:13 p.m., Colchester Drive, Auburn. Teenage daughter has stolen credit cards from her mother. Charges of at least $46. This has happened many times. Mother wishes to press charges. Report taken.

Traffic Offense

Feb. 9
6:29 p.m., Thrasher Road, Troy. Possible intoxicated male driving a green John Deere tractor. Has a plow but he is not plowing the snow. He was swerving all over the road. OHP not available. Deputies checked the area and were UTL.

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