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Real Estate Transfers
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Following is a list of real estate transfers for the week ending Nov. 14, provided as a public service by the Geauga County Auditor's Office.…

Following is a list of real estate transfers for the week ending Nov. 14, provided as a public service by the Geauga County Auditor’s Office. Transfers may involve the sale of land only.


Jacob J. and Tiffany M. Gale, 17645 Creekside Drive, to Alisha and Brian Koby, $191,000. (1.50 acres)


EDDM LLC, 17552 Gates Landing Drive, to Patricia M. Walker, $110,000. (0.54 acres)

EDDM LLC, 17532 Gates Landing Drive, to William R. and Madeleine R. Davidson, $120,000. (0.54 acres)

Thomas A. and Susan P. Fuhr, 17576 Lakesedge Trail, to Ronald F. and Martha D. Galovich, $550,000. (0.74 acres)

Canyon Manor Inc., Creek View Trail (s/l 16), to Kenneth G. and Carol K. Hochman, $125,000. (0.25 acres)

Carol J. Okeson, 18745 Brewster Road, to Kurt L. Nelson and Nelson Sarabel Amador, $203,000. (1.55 acres)

Canyon Lakes Colony Company, Edwards Landing Drive (s/l 27), to Davis B. and Karen L. Young, $77,000. (0.17 acres)

Joe and Theresa A. Fishleigh, 17208 Wood Acre Trail, to David M. and Carolyn M. Peters, $247,000. (2.55 acres)


Ross D. Hornak, 13911 Hale Road, to Jacob Kouwe, $215,000. (1.50 acres)

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U.S. Bank National Association (trustee), 307 Hilltop Drive, to Theodore Schienke, $56,800. (0.29 acres)

Jane K. Myden and Joseph H. Bruno Jr., 223 S. Oval Drive (Unit 10), to Mary A. Hagan (TOD), $155,000. (0.00 acres)

James McGee, 300 Cynthia Drive, to John W. and Christine M. Wolf, $125,000. (0.26 acres)


Stefan W. Messner, 7389 Tattersall Drive, to Victor S. Duqum, $282,000. (5.87 acres)

Sue E. and Miriam L. Smith, 8263 Mulberry Road, to The Bank of New York Mellon, $53,400. (3.35 acres)


Anthony G. and Judith A. Girardi, 9901 High Country Drive, to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company (trustee), $116,700. (2.01 acres)


Joseph A. and Nancy S. Miller, 17245 Swine Creek Road, to Johnny D. and Anna W. Miller, $160,000. (6.20 acres)

Melvin W. and Mary Ann Kurtz, Chipmunk Lane, to David and Cheryl Hochstetler, $35,000. (3.01 acres)


Glen E. Thompson, 14835 Meadow-lark Lane (Unit 12), to Emanuel R. and Mary E. Petersheim, $145,000. (0.00 acres)


Drotos Family Limited Partnership, 10919 Plank Road, to JPCO Holdings LLC, $140,000. (6.97 acres)

Albert M. Vitantonio, 10661 Kile Road, to Maple Capital LLC, $874,800. (74.25 acres)


James A. and Angela M. Hamly, 10790 Mulberry Road, to Forrest E. and Dawn C. Huntley, $236,000. (1.50 acres)


Linda Plecnik (trustee), Bass Lake Road, to Darrell Jr. and Angela F. Langford, $275,000. (87.59 acres)

Kenneth E. and Kay L. Palivec, 14117 Ravenna Road, to Nicholas A. Chaney, $175,000. (2.88 acres)


Timothy P. Gallagher, 19123 Hobart Road, to Amanda R. Weaver, $154,000. (2.31 acres)

Albert A. Miller Jr., and Rosanne M. Kauffman, 17108 Bundysburg Road, to Danny D. and Sarah A. Yoder, $125,000. (11.11 acres)


Judy M. Wallace, 8504 Marden Road, to Jeffrey S. Onyshko, $155,000. (1.52 acres)

Craig and Jennifer Lyndall, 7940 Deerbrook Drive, to Michael J. and Alexandra M. Franceschini, $370,000. (4.76 acres)

Janice L. Shear, 8391 Ridgewood Lane, to Peter Freimark, $161,500. (1.51 acres)

Russell H. and Jillayne C. Bloom, Birchmont Drive (s/l 286-287), to Wells Fargo Bank (trustee), $66,700. (0.62 acres)

John R. Fende (trustee), 7906 Fairmount Road, to James M. Kachkowsky, $135,000. (6.21 acres)


Wendy Seidel (trustee), 126 Manor Brook Drive (Unit F1), to Quinlan J. Jr. and Hedwig S. Shea, $315,000. (0.00 acres)

Mary Karen Samar (trustee), 145 Woodrush Circle, to Craig G. and Jennifer L. Lyndall, $417,000. (0.21 acres)

Sean E. and Jennifer L. Boyle, 515 Fawn Court, to Jeremy O. and Rebecca R. Quinn, $460,000. (1.00 acres)

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