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Real Estate Transfers
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Following is a list of real estate transfers for the week ending Nov. 1, provided as a public service by the Geauga County Auditor’s Office. Transfers may involve the sale of land only.


Justin and Kelly Yates, Le Land Trail (s/l 3), to Timothy Hildebrand, $93,000. (5.57 acres)

Squiers Woods Inc., Jensen Court (s/l 32), to Jesse and Melissa Heaser, $75,000. (2.43 acres)

Kevin L. and Veronica A. Nelson, Wing Road, to Justin and Kelly Yates, $95,000. (5.00 acres)

John L. Nelson, Wing Road, to Juston M. and Kelly A. Yates, $85,000. (13.73 acres)

Jennifer W. Trivisonno, 148 Kensington Court (Unit 11), to Jordan D. Bukowski and Michelle L. Chaves, $215,000. (0.00 acres)


Russell S. and Susan R. Davis, Bramshill Circle (s/l 3), to Eric M. and Sarah D. Birnesser, $75,000. (3.42 acres)

Bright Side Inc., 16821 Park Circle Drive, to 16821 Park Circle Drive LLC, $340,000. (0.59 acres)

Samuel L. Belden and Molly I. Malloy Belden, 17755 Gardiner Lane, to William L. and Julie M. Shumaker, $225,000. (1.04 acres)

Linda Ziegler (trustee), 8400 Rockspring Drive, to Patrick A. Coleman, $190,500. (0.34 acres)

Christian E. Boehm, 18170 Moss Point, to Todd and Sarah Vura, $432,000. (0.57 acres)

Edward D. and Margaret E. Fitzpatrick, 8682 Tanglewood Trail, to U.S. Bank National Association (trustee), $126,700. (0.54 acres)

STV Investments Ltd., 7307 Aurora Road, to Kozent LLC, $550,000. (3.04 acres)

Scott A. Schaden, 7295 Chagrin Road, to Michael B. and Theresa A. Bidwell, $159,000. (0.25 acres)

Gale E. and Howard T. Jr. Johnson, 17823 Lost Trail, to Per Yngve and Laura E. Larsson, $249,800. (1.03 acres)

Raymond A. Arnold Masonry, 16338 Chillicothe Road, to Dina Rendinell, $165,000. (3.23 acres)

Terrance K. and Shirley E. Donley, 17431 Beech Grove Trail (Unit 17), to James R. and Lisa M. Herchek, $475,000. (0.00 acres)

Suzanne S. Hassett (TOD), 8604 Tanglewood Trail, to Jason E. and Samantha H. Schatz, $325,000. (1.20 acres)

Reed S. and Alison M. Gilbert (trustees), 7774 Bainbridge Road, to David P. Gurd (trustee), $835,000. (5.07 acres)


Maryann Brink. 14660 Aspen Hills Lane, to Wells Fargo Bank N.A. (trustee), $192,000. (3.00 acres)


Margaret Ann Jackson, 14417 N. Cheshire St., to Gerald C. and Suzette E. Wayman, $177,000. (0.15 acres)

Elmer W. and Patricia A. Bollinger, 14727 Shannon Court (Bldg. 9 Unit A), to Sawn R. Skala, $142,500. (0.00 acres)


Barr Bros Remodeling Construction Inc., 108 Hidden Glen Trail, to Terrance C. and Holly D. Foessett, $329,700. (0.28 acres)

Melissa L. Richardson, 221 Woodbridge Lane, to James V. Jr. and Michelle Doganiero, $182,000. (0.20 acres)

Anthony J. Spena Jr. and Michelle L. Cain, Clark Road, to Christopher J. Nista and Cathy L. Kelley, $88,000. (6.83 acres)


Ralph E. and Barbara P. Temple, 10009 Crestridge Drive, to Cornelis D. and Antionette Vandenberg, $185,000. (1.08 acres)


William G. and Janet L. Groene, Sherman Road, to Corey C. and Lauren Morton, $115,000. (3.19 acres)

F. William and June Sherod, 8708 Ranch Drive, to JPMorgan Chase Bank National Association, $106,700. (1.47 acres)

Russell Kevin and Marie Theresa Crow, 8357 Sherman Road, to Frank A. Wagner, $285,000. (2.36 acres)

Ryan J. and Tonya L. Miller, 12999 Kenyon Drive, to Scott A. Hyslop, $149,900. (1.08 acres)

Paul T. and Mary C. Murphy, 11710 Pinewood Trail, to Charles S. and Antoinette Bucci, $233,500. (2.25 acres)


Rosario I. and Christine I. Ceraolo, 9976 High Country Drive, to U.S. Bank National Association (trustee), $146,700. (2.00 acres)

Merritt K. Wedge, 13236 GAR Highway, to Park Road Properties LLC, $75,000. (3.60 acres)


Kenneth H. and Mary O. Richards, 15138 Woodsong Drive, to Federal National Mortgage Association, $189,600. (0.22 acres)

Middlefield Parkway, Royal Oak Drive (s/l 110), to Mark A. and Maureen E. Nedvad, $45,000. (0.24 acres)

Eric D. Drennen and Dana S. Stapleton, 15137 Timber Ridge, to Daniel J. and Cheryl J. Goff, $179,000. (0.21 acres)


Brenda Louise Myers (trustee), 16009 Hart Road, to Ryan A. Putney, $131,500. (5.17 acres)


The Sisters of Notre Dame of Chardon Ohio, 13395 Hidden Oaks Drive, to Armand P. Boisselle Jr. and Deborah A. Finizia, $375,000. (2.98 acres)


Scott W. Milde and Yvonne K. May, 17721 Madison Road, to David W. and Rebecca Bender, $45,000. (6.73 acres)


Anne Marie Kollander (TOD), 13798 Fox Hills Drive, to James M. and Kristin P. Weir, $193,500. (1.62 acres)

John F. Bronowski, 8617 Silvercreek Drive, to Federal National Mortgage Association, $122,000. (2.59 acres)

Anne Patricia Wainwright (trustee), 14953 Stillwater Drive, to Earl Michael Ball II, $370,000. (2.10 acres)


Amy M. Dunlap and Shawn M. Lyden, 280 Manor Brook Drive (Unit J 42), to Diane I. Weber, $315,000. (0.00 acres)

Mildred H. MacRitchie, 1233 Bell Road, to Federal National Mortgage Association, $107,000. (1.01 acres)

Dennis L. Hadd and Linda L. Michaels, 1106 Royal Oak Drive, to Kaitlin A. Masseria, $185,000. (2.19 acres)

Elizabeth A. Westbrook, 63 Morningside Drive, to Bethany J. Zuiderveld (trustee), $269,000. (1.05 acres)


Douglas E. Gibson, 6428 Madison Road, to Citi Mortgage Inc., $30,000. (0.67 acres)


Kenneth L. and Cheryl L. Rink, 18081 Tilden Road, to Kendra L. Rink, $130,000. (1.45 acres)

Glenn V. and Loretta C. Blackburn, 12524 Stafford Road, to Brian N. Walling and Melissa A. Brettell, $137,000. (3.00 acres)

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