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Chardon Schools
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As families schedule doctor, dentist and other appointments that would necessitate a child missing school, it is important to avoid...

Chardon Testing Dates

As families schedule doctor, dentist and other appointments that would necessitate a child missing school, it is important to avoid the dates of the state mandated tests, including the Iowa/CogAT Tests and Achievement Tests.

To help in planning, the following 2014 Ohio Achievement Assessments testing dates are listed:

• April 29: Third and fourth-grade reading

• April 30: Third-grade math and fifth-grade reading

• May 1: Fourth and fifth-grade math

• May 2: Fifth-grade science.

CHS Offers “Experience CHS”

Eighth-grade parochial school and home-schooled students who are planning to attend Chardon High School beginning August 2014 are invited to visit Chardon High School on Feb. 21 from 7:45–11:15 a.m. in the high school library. Students may be dropped off at the high school’s main entrance at 7:30 a.m. with pickup at 11:15 a.m.

Students will learn about the high school day, graduation requirements, ninth-grade course options and the scheduling process. All participants will be given course request forms and the Program of Studies booklet, tour the building and enjoy lunch (free of charge) in the school cafeteria.

The students also will take assessments that will help place them in appropriate academic courses. Paper, pens and pencils will be provided.

Preregistration is required to participate in the program. Please call the CHS Guidance Office at 440-285-4060 no later than Feb. 14 to register.

Please note: the eighth-grade parent night will be held Feb. 19 at 6:30 p.m. at Chardon High School.

Dress Warmly For Recess

As everyone knows, it has been an unusually cold winter. However, on most days, the elementary students go outside for a 20-minute recess period. Recess is canceled when the temperature or windchill is 15 degrees or below.

Children need a hat, gloves or mittens, a coat, snow pants or snowsuit, and boots in order to be permitted to play in the snow. Children without boots must stay on the blacktop.

All students who attend school are expected to be able to go out for recess, unless there is an excuse from the child’s physician.

Parents, please make sure the children dress appropriately for cold weather.

Hambden Terrific Kids

The Terrific Kids program is a joint partnership with the Chardon Kiwanis Club and the Hambden PTO in recognizing students with specific traits that are spotlighted each month.

In January, Hambden salutes students using outstanding manners: third-graders Julianna Zimmer, Anna Wolcott, Isha Patel, Melanie Gittins; fourth-graders Carissa Clark, Jack Hollowell, Victoria Holt, Aidan Ischay; and fifth-graders Blake Barker, Madi Arganti, Emma Gittins and Joey Spoljaric.

Chardon Kindness Challenge

On Feb. 7 at 1:30 p.m., Chardon High School will host a kindness assembly with Brian Williams, youth motivational speaker and founder, of the non-profit organization Think Kindness. Williams will challenge the students to “15 Days of Kindness,” putting the students of Chardon in friendly competition with thousands of students across the nation to see who can make the biggest difference not just within their community, but around the world.

Think Kindness – a non-profit organization based out of Reno, Nev., that inspires youth to change the world through seemingly simple acts of kindness – realizes that in order to inspire youth, they need to make the campaign different, unique and massive.

“We launch each challenge with a humorous and inspirational speech and at the end, we give the student body a challenge that will literally impact thousands of lives around the world…without spending a dime,” says Williams.

Chardon High School has stepped up for the 15 Days of Kindness Challenge. The students will be on a mission to impact those in their day-to-day lives using kindness and then empowered further to impact children, just like them, in their community and all around the world. They will do this by collecting as many pairs of gently used shoes as possible from their community. All of the shoes received will go to needy families within the local area and will also be sent to orphans around the world.

Joan Blackburn, a counselor at the high school, says, “We wanted to host a Think Kindness challenge in order to spark a kindness movement in our school during this time of healing. Chardon’s students and staff have been through a lot over the past few years and we want to focus on healing. What better way to heal than to empower our students and community to BE KIND? We are passionate about our 15 Day Challenge and we cannot wait to see an explosion of Kindness within our school, community, and the world.”

According to Williams, there are more than 300 million children in the world that can’t afford a pair of shoes. This becomes a shocking figure when compared to the 2.4 billion new shoes Americans purchase every year, with the old shoes either collecting dust in a closet or filling up a landfill.

“We hope to re-purpose gently used shoes and find them a new home on the feet of someone in need. To those, it’s not just a pair of shoes, but the gift of hope for a brighter future,” says Williams.

Though the challenge of collecting shoes and the chance to win the name of “Kindness School in America” is what kicks starts the student excitement, the goal is to inspire and cultivate kindness.

CHS Principal Andy Fetchik says,“I am so proud of our student’s willingness to take on this challenge. With their input and leadership, I cannot think of a better way to honor the memories of Danny, Russell and Demetrius than by giving other children around the world the opportunities that we have in Chardon.”

Shoe donations are being accepted Feb. 5–20 at Chardon High School, Chardon Library and Chardon area churches.

For more information, contact Joan Blackburn at 216-701-4116.

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