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Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin News
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Thanks to a collaborative effort with Notre Dame College of Ohio, NDCL students can now simply walk down the hallway and…

College Classes Come To NDCL

Thanks to a collaborative effort with Notre Dame College of Ohio, NDCL students can now simply walk down the hallway and enter a college classroom.

This year, NDCL has added two college credit courses to the curriculum: Introduction to Psychology and an English course, Rebel with a Cause.

Dr. Nicholas Santilli, Notre Dame College’s vice president of academic and student affairs, teaches the psychology course.

“I wanted to take a college level course while still in high school, but it was going to be complicated to try and fit it in,” senior Stephanie Kresic explained. “I am grateful we can take this class right here at NDCL. I am really enjoying the class and learning so much from Dr. Santilli.”

Students will earn three college credits from NDC thanks to the Post-Secondary Educational Options Program (PSEOP), which allows high school students to earn credit for both high school and college graduation. Funds from the State of Ohio pay the college tuition.

“This course has shown me how well NDCL has prepared me for college next year,” senior Nick Krotine said. “Dr. Santilli really engages us in the topics and relates the concepts we are learning to real-life situations.”

The course is not a watered-down college course. Course content, format and expectations are identical to those of Notre Dame College’s general psychology course.

“The NDCL students are well-prepared,” commented Dr. Santilli. “They are polite, respectful, very intelligent and motivated. They are just a joy to teach.”

Rebel with a Cause will be taught in the spring by English department chairperson Beth Walsh-Moorman. The course will examine how writers and thinkers influence one another.

In order to get approval to offer the course, Mrs. Walsh-Moorman submitted the syllabus and her credentials to Notre Dame College for approval. Currently a doctoral student at Kent State University, her teaching experience includes three years as an adjunct professor at Lakeland Community College.

“It is crucial that students stretch themselves to prepare for college, and this course will offer the rigors of a college class,” Mrs. Walsh-Moorman explained. “I think this course will challenge students to think and read critically, and it will allow them to practice those deep thinking skills.”

Golfers Finish Strong

Congratulations to members of the boys and girls golf teams who had a great showing at the Division II state tournament on Oct. 11 and 12.

Sophomore Reva Morris finished fourth overall with a 75 on Friday and 77 on Saturday at The Ohio State University’s Gray Golf Course. Reva was also named to the Division II First Team All-Ohio, an award given to the top five scorers in the tournament.

The boys team finished sixth overall at the North Star Golf Resort. Sophomore Corbin Walnsch finished 11th in the state at 157. Other scorers for the Lions were seniors Chandler Walnsch, 163; Jacob Rosenberg, 186; Jack Egan, 180; and Paul Lewandowski, 172.

SPEA Walk A Success

Members of the NDCL community supported Suicide Prevention Education Alliance’s (SPEA) 10th annual Into the Light Walk on Oct. 6 at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo by raising nearly $4,000, the second highest amount among all school teams that participated in this year’s walk.

Chemistry teacher Guy Savastano coordinated NDCL’s participation in this major fundraiser for SPEA, which each year comes to NDCL to educate the students to identify teens at risk of self-harm and to connect them with resources to help.

“I couldn’t be more proud of our school community’s commitment to this important cause,” said Principal Joseph A. Waler. “By supporting the work of SPEA, we are quite literally saving the lives of precious young people.”

MathFest Participation

NDCL was among 35 schools that participated in Youngstown State University’s 11th annual MathFest on Oct. 3.

Sponsored by the university’s College of STEM and the STEM Mathematics and Statistics Department, MathFest featured workshops conducted by YSU faculty and students. Mathematics department chairperson Marcia Pecek and mathematics teacher Beth Ward accompanied the students.

Art Of Technical Theatre

Although construction of the Pat and Janet O’Brien Center for the Performing Arts was completed last spring, one can now hear students in Mr. Derek Green’s new technical theatre class drilling, hammering and sawing as they work on the set of the upcoming fall play, “Here Come the Brides.”

Through this new course, students are learning the concepts of scenic design and applying them in hands-on projects, such as building flats, furniture and other elements needed for the school’s drama productions.

“This class offers our students the chance to apply a variety of skills,” Mr. Green explained. “They use mathematics skills for design and construction, reading and English skills through the scripts, and add their artistic vision to create the set elements.”

Mr. Green said he and Performing Arts Department chairperson Shirley Ivancic Stall came up with the idea of the course when the O’Brien Center was under construction.

“We developed the curriculum with the idea of using the space to engage students educationally in this important dimension of the performing arts.”

“The class helps us have a better understanding of the logistics and planning involved in productions,” senior Laura Paganini said. “I am looking forward to seeing all of our projects on the stage for the fall play.”

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