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Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin
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Academic Decathlon SuccessCongratulations go to NDCL's Academic Decathlon team for winning first place in the Division II medium school division of the regional competition on…

Academic Decathlon Success
Congratulations go to NDCL’s Academic Decathlon team for winning first place in the Division II medium school division of the regional competition on Feb. 1. Team members, who are now busy preparing for the state competition in March, won a total of 45 individual medals in all 10 subject areas. Way to go, Lions.
Gold medals winners are: Jacqueline Delahunty in economics; Zach Geizer in social science; Joe Graham in mathematics and economics; Connor Hren in essay; Matt Lenk in mathematics; Katie Moorman in music and individual overall; Mark Mullinger in language and literature, music, interview, social science and individual overall; and Alicia Perovsek in language and literature.
Earning silver medals are: Joe Graham in science and social science; Connor Hren in mathematics, speech, interview and individual overall; Kaitlyn Miller in interview; Katie Moorman in art and essay; Megan Moorman in art; Mark Mullinger in essay; Sydney Otto in music; Cole Prots in music; and Alyssa Tyransky in mathematics.
Bronze medal winners are: Nina Bershig in interview; Joe Cermak in mathematics; Zach Geizer in art and mathematics; Connor Hren in language and literature, art and science; Nicki Martin in speech; Michalena Mezzopera in economics; Katie Moorman in interview; Mark Mullinger in economics; Sydney Otto in language and literature, speech and individual overall; Alicia Perovsek in mathematics; Cole Prots in economics; and Mandy Spangler in music.
School Safety Training
Nine NDCL faculty and staff members joined representatives from Notre Dame Elementary School, Notre Dame Education Center and the Munson Fire Department on Feb. 13 for a safety training workshop.
Steve Hoban and staff from SchoolSAFE Communication led the training, which included instruction on the new mobile radio system that is now operational throughout the campus.
“The safety of our students is imperative,” said Assistant Principal Vincent Bonacci. “Meeting with the SchoolSAFE trainers and campus-wide safety team was extremely helpful, especially as we continually refine and refocus our safety plan.”
Mr. Bonacci explained that Thursday’s workshop was the first of two trainings scheduled this semester for NDCL’s Incident Command Team.
“It’s all part of our effort to intentionally build stronger school safety partnership relationships to make our campus as safe as we can for everyone.”
New Learning Commons
NDCL’s library buzzed with excitement on Feb. 1 as more than 30 people joined architect Peter Bolek and his team from HBM Architects for a collaborative session to begin the design NDCL’s new Learning Commons.
Participants in the process — known as a charrette — included students, teachers, administrators, board members, alumni, parents and friends of the school.
“Accompanied by professional architects, seasoned educators, successful entrepreneurs and proficient tech specialists, and others, I felt as though I were walking alongside a cast of creative minds at the Red Carpet,” said sophomore Andrew Demeter, one of the 13 students who participated in the charrette. “The exchange of ideas between participants created tangible energy in the room.”
The schedule for the day included “mind-breaking” and “building-breaking” sessions designed to probe the group’s needs and to generate creative designs to meet those needs.
Student participants included sophomores Alex Balogh, Andrew Demeter, Lauren Ferrell, David Kozan, Dan Lennon and Anne Schneeberger; and juniors Carmen Cameratta, Robert Ohly, Collin O’Neill, Mick Stanovsek, Erin Stewart, Molly Zoul and Kennedy Westfall.
“I know when the new library is complete, I will be proud to say I was part of the original planning process,” Molly said.
A photo gallery of the charrette is available on the school’s website.

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