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St. Mary School First Quarter Honors
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Grade 4

 1st honors: Isabella Cerimele, Elizabeth Daugherty, Shea Finger, Derek Mardula, Matthew Organiscak, Cece Richardson, Simon Rodriguez, Faith Tomsick and Kyle Yates

 2nd honors: Quentin Fedak, Wyatt Fuduric, Adam Rababy, Augie Rosace, Marcus Rowan, Jillian Sterling, Claire Suszynski and Andrew Svoboda

 3rd honors: Will Eppich, Ethan McCaskey, Gabriella Millikin and Madelyn Zemba

 Effort: Isabella Cerimele and Faith Tomsick

 Scholar Athletes: Isabella Cerimele, Elli Daugherty, Quentin Fedak, Shea Finger, Ethan McCaskey, Gabby Millikin, Cece Richardson, Claire Suszynski and Madelyn Zemba

Grade 5

1st honors: Megan Duffy, Ellie Faber, Shane Fletcher, Anna Gerstner, Faye Hoey, Mark Hribar, Nathaniel Lah, Angelica Lasota, Mary McCauley, Molly Passow, Patrick Pawar, Bernadette Rodriguez and Anne Sweet

2nd honors: Mitchell Alunni, David Berman, Ashley Brady, Adrianna Brickman, Danny Duffy, Cody Svoboda, Owen Vucetic and Grayce Young

3rd honors: Mariella Barson Sarah Boggs, Max Buzogany, Colin Gillispie, Samantha Sittnick, Anthony Virgo and Nick Zeolla

Effort: Anna Gerstner, Julia Jeckering, Mary McCaulley and Bernadette Rodriguez

Scholar Athletes: Julia Jeckering, Molly Passow, Anne Sweet, Anthony Virgo, Grayce Young, Sarah Boggs, Megan Duffy, Mary McCauley, Ashley Brady, Ellie Faber and Anna Gerstner

 Grade 6

1st honors: Nicholas Balogh, Pearl Carey, Terry Finger, Thomas Fowle, Kaylie Malloy, Harmond Richardson, Victor Rosace, Lucas Rowan, Melanie Schaefer, Theresa Schneider, Taylor Slish and Kathleen Suszynski

2nd honors: Baleigh Eppich

3rd honors: Edward Buzogany and Ryan Pollack

Scholar Athletes: Nicholas Balogh, Baileigh Eppich, Thomas Fowle, Kaylie Malloy, Harmond Richardson, Melanie Schaefer, Theresa Schneider, Taylor Slish and Kathleen Suszynski

 Grade 7

1st honors: Julia Baitt, Grace Morano, Colson Mueller, Andrew Passow, Maria Peters, Elizabeth Rodriguez and Rachel Yates

2nd honors: Elizabeth Boehringer, Andrea Diaz-Rodriguez and Nicho Lah

3rd honors: Kara Williams

Effort: Elizabeth Boehringer, Andrew Passow

Scholar Athletes: Andrew Passow, Colson Mueller, Julia Baitt, Grace Morano, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Elizabeth Boehringer and Rachel Yates

 Grade 8

1st honors: Erin Brennan,Izabella Buzogany, Erin Eppich, Brianna Fedak, Jamie Fowle, Natalie Kline, Allie Malloy, Collin McKenzie, Claire Milano, Brianna Porfilio and Lucia Rosace

2nd honors: Ella Brickman, Faith Carey and Sam Rodriguez

3rd honors: William Cavanaugh, Antoinette Petro and Alyse Zemba

Scholar Athletes: Brianna Fedak, Natalie Kline, Collin McKenzie, Claire Milano, Brianna Porfilio, Ella Brickman, Sam Rodriguez, Antoinette Petro and Alyse Zemba

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