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Berkshire Schools
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The sixth-grade students at Burton Elementary School enjoyed a trip to the Geauga County Airport…

Visit To Geauga County Airport

The sixth-grade students at Burton Elementary School enjoyed a trip to the Geauga County Airport on Sept. 19. While there, they did math, science, geography and history.

The students toured the MedEvac helicopter along with the living quarters and office where some of the staff stays 24 hours a day. It is also where the staff tracks weather and keeps supplies. The students learned that the MedEvac helicopter can reach Cleveland in approximately 15 minutes.

There were many wonderful people assisting with the students as they moved from exciting station to station.

Many thanks go to airport manager Patty Fulop and Tim Randles, from the Airport Authority Board, for inviting the students to visit them.

Thanks also go to John Rowland, Airport Authority president, and Airport Authority board members George Davis and Bill Meyer.

The wonderful volunteers were Ralph Randles, Dave Rigotti, Brian King, Wayne Link, Leonard Ostrander, Bryce Kujat, Paul Yurick and Mario Gerhart.

Together, they made the trip a very memorable one for the students. Everyone had a wonderful time and the school looks forward to future visits.

Actively Caring for People

On Sept. 12, members from Virginia Tech paid a visit to Berkshire High School to continue the Actively Caring for People program.

E. Scott Geller, a professor in the psychology department at Virginia Tech School, founded the program after the tragedy that took place on April 16, 2007.

There are currently 20 to 30 students from Virginia Tech School that are in the caring program. The students travel to other schools throughout the country and assist elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges by helping them in setting up their own six to eight week programs that will create a unity within their school.

The program is headed up by Berkshire High School’s Michelle Bagaglia, and Virginia Tech students Kelsey Toney, Kyle Pacque and Pranay Bhargava.

There will be two student coaches for each individual class that is formed and they will meet once a week during school. The student coaches will use a specialized program headed up by the Virginia Tech students themselves that will guide the student coaches each and every step of their journey.

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