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Sheriff’s Report
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Aug. 16-22

The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriffs Office Aug. 16-22. In total, the sheriffs office handled 341 calls…

The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriffs Office Aug. 16-22. In total, the sheriffs office handled 341 calls during this seven-day period.

Animal Abuse

Aug. 18

10:16 a.m., Leader Lane, Hambden. Complainant at above got a text that male subject just hit a cat in the head with a baseball bat, plastic one. He has done this in the past; he drowned one and he suffocated one. Report taken; green sheet completed.

Aug. 19

11:03 a.m., Music Street, Newbury. Several cats in the basement of above in cages that are not being taken care of. Also goats in the barn. House was leased out on land contract. Complainant is lawyer for the owner of property. Advice given. Civil matter between caller and renter.

Citizen Assist

Aug. 19

6:21 p.m., Eastwood Drive, Auburn. Teenage children reside at this residence with their father. He is a convicted felon and is in possession of a firearm and has taught children to use it. He also wrote checks in complainants name. Deputy advised.


Aug. 21

9:56 a.m., Rapids Road, Troy. Found a bag of pot on the shop floor. Need someone to take it.

Extra Patrol

Aug. 22

9:01 a.m., Chardon Windsor Road, Huntsburg. Extra patrol for the tanker trucks that are dumping waste from the fracking. Complainant requesting them to be checked for speed. They sound like they are coming through the house. Deputy advised. No trucks observed.


Aug. 21

3:37 p.m., Griswold Road, Chardon. Female was scammed by a company claiming she won a sweepstakes. She provided account numbers, social security number and other pertinent information. Fraud has been reported to the responsible agencies but the FTC wants a police report number. Incident occurred two weeks ago.


Aug. 22

9:10 a.m., Madison Road, Montville. Received harassing and threatening texts. Female had been in communication with a male she met on a dating website. They have been texting back and forth at which point the male started making rude comments to the complainant. She requests he be told to stop all communication with her. A message was left on the voicemail for male to call in.


Aug. 18

2:53 a.m., Kevin Lane, Hambden. Female detoxing from heroin. She is shaking, sweating, feeling hot and cold, her eyes are watering and she is having abnormal bowel movements. Deputy assisted paramedics with subject, who was transported to Geauga hospital.


Aug. 16

2:58 p.m., Mayfield Road, Claridon. Juvenile duct taped to a dolly, south side of road. Mouth is duct taped. No one around him next to the road. Deputy was advised by owner to get the hell off property and find heroin addicts instead of investigating complaints of children playing around. Father would not give name.

Aug. 21

10:30 p.m., Kidd Drive, Newbury. Would like to speak to a deputy to possible drug activity happening with my son. Deputy advised.


Aug. 19

11:10 a.m., Berkshire Drive, Aquilla. Renter moved out last week sometime. They took the stove and refrigerator. Unknown type. Unable to contact tenant; all numbers not working.

Aug. 20

6:19 p.m., McCall Road, Parkman. At approximately 5:45 p.m. the neighbor witnessed a white unknown type vehicle with a Steelers decal pull up and take our dog. Copper-colored male lab/doberman mix. No description of the driver or occupants. Neighbor witnessed the vehicle and then drove toward the 422/528 area.

Aug. 22

5:07 p.m., Sperry Road, Newbury. Theft of copper from the tower site. Deputy advised. Theft of copper double OTT grounding wire and low pass filter.

5:16 p.m., Bass Lake Road, Newbury. Son has been stealing checks. Complainant wants to confer with his wife before he decided to take any criminal action. Card with IR number given and he was given contact information for responding officer should he wish to pursue this matter.


Aug. 19

8:49 a.m., Clay Street, Huntsburg. At the Huntsburg tower site. Ground bars taken and wires cut. Grounding copper cut from site.

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