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Sheriff’s Report
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The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriffs Office Nov. 29 through Dec. 5. In total, the sheriffs office handled 333 calls during this seven-day period.

Alcohol Offense

Dec. 3

6:17 p.m., Merritt Road, Munson. Male in the lobby of post to report an adult provided alcohol to his underage son. Location of offense not listed. Will do follow up and recontact complainant.Citizen Assist

Animal Problem

Dec. 5

9:46 a.m., Mitchells Mill Road, Chardon. Neighbors turkeys are all over our yard and drive. Owner took animals to their property.

Citizen Assist

Dec. 2

10:09 a.m., Station Road, Burton. Complainant wants some advice on the vandalism that keeps occurring at the Shrine of Mariapoch. Someone threw paint on the statue of Mary.

7:05 p.m., Old State Road, Middlefield. Female came to Ohio from Michigan. She is now homeless. She was dropped off at residence on Old State Road. Female has no ID. Resident let female in and is trying to help her. Report taken.

Domestic Violence

Nov. 29

3:11 p.m., Mumford Road, Troy. Caller states children that live next door came to her residence stating their father is shooting his gun and hitting their mother, and abusing the animals. Caller states there are weapons in the house but he has none with him. Male arrested.

Nov. 30

8:06 p.m., Lake Shore Drive, Newbury. Dad hit daughter with a CD drive and she is bleeding from the head. Dad would not get out of the room so they were yelling at each other and then he threw the CD player. Dad has been drinking; no weapons, no known drugs. Dad is aware deputies have been called. Male arrested for DV.

Dec. 2

10:05 p.m., Aspen Hills Lane, Burton. Wife assault came this evening. She hit him with her fist about 9:30 p.m. She is still home. Caller in the lobby would like to make a report. Female arrested; report taken.


Nov. 30

3:22 p.m., Bell Street, Newbury. In lobby. Caller received a birthday card today with a picture of her pasted in it.

Juvenile Problem

Dec. 3

3:11 p.m., King Arthur Court, Newbury. Teenage step-daughter ran away from home just now. She may be with her mother. She was caught with pornography on her iPad at school today. She packed a bag and left the house. Deputy advised. Juvenile returned home.


Dec. 2

7:10 p.m., Cloverdale Drive, Middlefield. 36-year-old female came to my house and is now unresponsive. Possible overdose on pills or heroin. Unresponsive but she is breathing. She was walking home from Walmart and stopped and asked to use the bathroom. When she came out she was acting strange and then went unresponsive. Report taken.

Property Damage

Dec. 5

11:18 a.m., Old State Road, Parkman. Callers brother was out hunting with the callers gun last night when subject came up and took the loaded gun from brother and jabbed the gun several times on the ground and threw it into the woods. Damage was done to the gun. Spoke with all parties; both parties agreed this incident would be better handled by the bishops. All parties advised to stay away from each other.


Nov. 29

4:38 a.m., Bell Street, Newbury. Young female walking down the road, mini skirt on and a sparkly shirt, no jacket, dark hair, possibly white female. She is intoxicated. One arrested.

Dec. 3

2:11 p.m., Mentor Road, Chardon. Found drug paraphernalia in my sons room. Would like to turn it over to the cops. Father found small torch that his son, who is a heroin addict, left at the residence.

2:27 p.m,, Hotchkiss Road, Newbury. Caller is selling tires on Craigslist and he got a check for $2,310.10 and the tires are only $250. No money in the account the check originated from. Complainant did not send the tires; the male is not out any money or property. Advice given.

Traffic Offense

Nov. 30

1:24 p.m., Lake Road, Burton. Black S10 pickup, two men intoxicated, stumbling and cannot walk. They are getting into the truck; they are so drunk they cannot walk. The guy just got out of the drivers side and there is one guy laying on the ground on the passenger side. The other one just fell down; they are in the middle of the road. Guy with the Carhartt just slid down the side of the truck door. Guy fell again. The guy in Carhartt is trying to lift the guy in the checkered coat up. The one guy is still on the road; caller can see his feet. Male arrested for OVI. Tested .449.


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