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Sheriff’s Report
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The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriffs Office Dec. 13-19. In total, the sheriffs office handled 279 calls during this seven-day period.


Dec. 18

3:18 p.m., Chardon. Two males between the ages of 18 and 21 fled the scene and left their vehicle behind following an automobile accident at the intersection of Hambden and Maple streets in Chardon. The men, wearing blue jeans, flannel shirts and baseball caps, ran east toward Battle Court. State Highway Patrol assisted in searching for the subjects.

Animal Problem

Dec. 15

8:55 a.m., Brookview Road, Huntsburg. A dog owner reported her finger and her dogs leg were bitten by a loose dog. She said even the school children walk in the woods rather than the road to avoid the dog, which she said may be part pit bull. The dog warden will investigate.


Dec. 16

11:54 a.m., Aquilla Road, Claridon. Caller reported $20,000 in cash was taken out of the safe. He noticed the money was missing when he opened it to get some spending money. He and his wife are the only ones with the password.

Citizen Assist

Dec. 17

8:30 p.m. Clark Road, Chardon Township. Individual from a repo company reported he went to address to collect a car and a woman came out of the house with a rifle. She did not threaten of point the gun, just asked the complainant to leave. Deputy spoke with all parties and the man said he will request a court order to enter the property and retrieve the vehicle.

Civil Dispute

Dec. 17

8:37 p.m., Madison Road, Middlefield Township. Caller said he is on the road to Florida and just learned an employee cashed a business check for $1,000, packed up his belongings and left the area without completing the work he was hired to do.

Hazardous Material

Dec. 14

10:08 a.m., Ravenna Road in Chardon Township. A man reported his parents received a delivery of fuel oil on Dec. 10 and there is fuel about 20 feet from the wellhead in their yard. Chardon Fire Department estimated 300 gallons in an area of about 50-by-100 feet and contacted the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA advised the home owner should contact the fuel oil supplier to find a contractor to help clean up the spill.

Property Damage

Dec. 18

9:09 a.m. White Oak Drive, Auburn Township. Resident reported several lawns torn up in the development by snowmobilers about 7 p.m. Deputy found the ground was frozen with no damage to the grass. Complainant requested extra deputy patrols in the neighborhood.


Dec. 12

10:05 p.m.,Mayfield Road, Claridon Township. A mother reported that a man in a white convertible has tried to entice her four girls, ages 6 -12, to approach his car four times. She directed deputy to the mans home.

Dec. 13

6:33 p.m., Jackson Drive, Burton Township. Report of a pickup truck and trailer parked at an abandoned house and a lot of banging inside the house. Neighbors said the activity could have been a clean-up crew contracted by a bank.


Dec. 16

9:38 a.m., Bags of grain disappeared from the barn on Bass Lake Road in Newbury when horse boarders left on Saturday. Complainant called boarders and they admitted taking the grain.

Dec. 17

7:07 p.m., GAR Highway, Hambden. An unknown person hacked into the Huntington checking account and took $750. The theft occurred at Abbott Nutrition in Columbus. Huntington Bank was advised to file a report with Columbus police.

Dec. 18

5:37 a.m., Chardon Windsor Road, Huntsburg. A resident reported the theft of a gift card that was left for the garbage men on Dec. 18.

Dec. 19

4:34 p.m., Newcomb Road, Middlefield Township. A woman reported theft of $100 from her purse while shopping.


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