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Sheriff’s Report
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Aug. 9-15

The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriffs Office Aug. 9-15. In total, the sheriffs office handled 319 calls…

The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriffs Office Aug. 9-15. In total, the sheriffs office handled 319 calls during this seven-day period.

Agency Assist

Aug. 12

7 p.m., Freedom Road, Painesville. Lake County Sheriffs Office requesting mutual aid with explosives K-9 to assist ATF in Painesville Township search of a residence for a firearm. Taurus .380 located in the weeds on Freedom Road for ATF.

Aug. 15

6:44 a.m., Madison Road, Montville. Out on a traffic stop with a suspect for ICE and when they searched suspect they found marijuana. ICE one male arrested; deputy has contraband from ICE agents.

Animal Problem

Aug. 12

4:07 p.m., Bass Lake Road, Munson. Car in visitors parking lot has a cat stuck in the hood of the car. The owner of the vehicle opened the hood and the cat was released.


Aug. 13

7:42 p.m., Widgeon Drive, Auburn. Female in the lobby of post to report male punched her in the face. Refusing rescue. Corrections advised. One male arrested for assault. Report to follow.


Aug. 15

2:22 p.m., Sidley Road, Thompson. Caller sounds highly intoxicated. Called dispatch five times. Dispatcher is speaking with caller. He is intoxicated. He was warned if he calls the sheriffs office again he will be arrested for disorderly conduct. Caller then went back into his shack and stated he has a cell phone.


Aug. 9

8:12 p.m., Tanager Drive, Hambden. Caller advised residents residing here are growing marijuana at their home. Caller states they offered it to her relative and states their children are flunking out because they give it to their own children as well. Caller requests someone go on the property to find the marijuana. Dispatch advised complainant that deputy would call regarding complaint. Deputy contacted caller, who told dispatcher you were not to call me. Deputy apologized and ended contact. This report was passed along to the detective bureau.


Aug. 15

12:50 p.m., Sawmill Drive, Hambden. Complainant states she believes she has been the victim of fraud. Company GMY contacted her and she gave them her bank account information. Would like to speak with a deputy. Spoke with caller, who contacted her bank to close off access to her checking account. Company called GMY, 1-866-680-0169, requested complainants info, stating they are sending her an insurance packet. Deputy advised complainant to contact her credit card companies in order to monitor any suspicious credit card activity. Could not locate a website for said company.


Aug. 15

8:48 p.m., Hosford Road, Chardon. Caller states her 10-year-old daughter is being harassed by another 10-year-old female online through Instagram. Caller advised they had issues with the same child on Facebook and they were able to block her. Caller isnt sure what to do at this point. Deputy spoke to caller who said daughter is saying things about her daughter on other peoples Facebook pages. Caller girls mother and she said other girl has in fact been harassing her daughter on the Internet. Both parties advised to get together to resolve this issue.

Juvenile Problem

Aug. 14

10:55 a.m., Portlew Road, Newbury. Two teenage boys were laying in the road and would not move. They were goofing around, but wouldnt move off the road. UTL/GOA.

Noise Problem

Aug. 10

7:46 a.m., Treadway Drive, Munson. Looking at the complainants house it is to the right. A lady is playing music loud and bouncing a basketball. Complainant would like to speak with a deputy.


Aug. 9

1:47 a.m., Kinsman Road, Newbury. East of St. Helens, male walking covered in mud. Male was issued a traffic summons for intoxicated person on a roadway. Male released to his sober brother.

2:28 p.m., Merritt Road, Munson. Stabbed horse. Advice given. Complainant states it is being handled within the Amish community, but will contact me if anything is needed. Complainant did not want anything further at this time.

Aug. 13

3:36 p.m., Sunrise Lane, Troy. Approximately one week ago, caller received a note in his door listing driving offenses he had committed previously on the day and stated we know where you live and suggesting they would do something if he did not drive better. Callers daughter also found a male looking into her car windows. When she confronted him he took off running down the street. Caller would like to speak to a deputy about the suspicious activity.


Aug. 11

9:33 a.m., Clay Street, Montville. Theft of a tractor-mounted post hole digger. Last seen two weeks ago.

Aug. 12

7:56 a.m., Queens Way, Auburn. Theft of picnic table from behind building. Request extra patrol in the evening and on weekends.


Aug. 14

6:17 p.m., Cardinal Drive, Troy. My brother is threatening to come to my house and beat me up. Ongoing dispute over sale of property while he was in jail. Male resides in Cleveland. Unknown if he carries weapons. Deputy aware. Call clear.

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