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Sheriff’s Report
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Aug. 23-29

The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriffs Office Aug. 23-29. In total, the sheriffs office handled 410 calls…

The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriffs Office Aug. 23-29. In total, the sheriffs office handled 410 calls during this seven-day period.

Animal Problem

Aug. 25

1:09 a.m., Kinsman Road, Middlefield. Cows running around the apart-ments. Cows wrangled in pen.

Aug. 28

8 a.m., Hautala Road, Montville. Cat stuck in pipe in the culvert ditch at the driveway. WENS sent. Re-sponded to location. FD advised cat is OK. Cleared IR only.

Citizen Dispute

Aug. 25

11:07 a.m., Stafford Road, Auburn. The boyfriend of the property owner requesting another incident report because the Amish crew that is doing the timbering is unethical with their use of gas cans.

Aug. 26

5:37 p.m., Snow Road, Newbury. Ongoing noise problem with neigh-bor. Yesterday complainant heard neighbor lady tell her husband to shoot the complainants son. Advice given to complainant.

6:28 p.m., GAR Highway, Hambden. Clerk at Hambden Corners is refusing to sell me gas because I am currently pregnant with her ex-husbands baby. Caller would leave, but her car is out of gas. Kept peace. Clerk refused customer gas after customer used profane language in front of other customers directed at clerk. Clerk and customer have dated or are dating same guy which is source of conflict. Deputy advised motorist to get gas at another gas station.

Aug. 27

6:05 a.m., Stafford Road, Auburn. Caller is concerned about Amish timber crew and health and safety of two horses they use to move logs. He states both horses are injured and he has contacted the humane society and left messages, but is concerned he has not heard anything or seen that they are investigating the situation. Deputy advised.


Aug. 26

7:01 a.m., Thwing Road, Chardon. Two males that are working here for me are out in front yard fighting now.

Domestic Dispute

Aug. 25

2:20 p.m., Roryanna Drive, Chardon. Son age 21 wont leave. Throwing a fit again. He bought a handgun yesterday and complainant took it and he wants it back. Caller hung up. Deputies responded. Dispute over rules of the home. Advice given.


Aug. 23

6:26 p.m., Rosetta Drive, Munson. Caller found what appears to be a crack pipe in her front yard. Would like to turn it over. Seized drug para-phernalia from yard.


Aug. 26

11:46 a.m., Sisson Road, Hambden. On post for harassment report. Female left. Couldnt wait anymore. Complainant stated that inmate at jail has been calling her numerous times, from the jail. She wants all calls to cease and wants no further contact. Inmate was advised by jail staff. Complainant was advised she has to stop all conversations as well as advice given on a protection order.

Juvenile Problem

Aug. 24

8:41 p.m., Hotchkiss Rod, Newbury. Juveniles at the Little Punderson beach area off Lake Shore Drive, drinking and smells like they are smoking marijuana. Caller states there are eight or nine kids, 16 to 18 years old. One adult male and one adult juvenile arrested. Report to follow.

Aug. 27

10:11 a.m., Rock Creek Road, Thompson. 5-year-old boy and 2-year-old girl outside playing with a knife. Father possibly asleep inside. Deputy advised. Referred to JFS, report to follow.

Property Damage

Aug. 23

5:01 p.m., LaVerne Lane, Hambden. Damage to bird bath. Bird bath was knocked over and sustained a minor chip to it. Deputy put bird bath together. No known suspects; was unstable on ground and may have been knocked over by kids in park.


Aug. 23

2:09 a.m., Old State Road, Hambden. Three juveniles on bikes, one no shirt, one black hoodie and one black backpack. Deputy responded. Juv-eniles riding bikes from Brakeman to Huntington Street in Chardon. No crime. Parents were aware kids were out riding bikes. No significant involvement with any of the kids that would suggest they might be out committing crimes.

Aug. 25

12:28 a.m., Ravenna Road, Munson. Out with two males in hoodies on bicycles. Checked OK.

Aug. 28

9:48 p.m., Bass Lake Road, Munson. Male currently at YMCA reporting large stationary lights in the sky north of his location. Lights have been present for over 10 minutes. Would like a deputy to come over and view these lights and meet with him. Light tower.

Aug. 29

10:40 a.m., Aquilla Road, Claridon. While grandson, 11, was on the computer someone hacked in and took his picture and he could see it on the computer. Just occurred. Responded to location and met with complainant and grandson. Grandson advised he was streaming music over the Internet when a different web page appeared. Complainants further stated the web page advised he was in violation and if he paid a fine, via moneygram, he would be OK. Deputy reviewed the computer and learned the suspect compromised their computer and was able to activate the built-in cam on the laptop. Suspects then used the snap shot to facilitate their scam. Deputy advised complainants this was a scam and recommended they have their computer serviced for viruses. Also recommended not to make any Internet purchases or provide any personal information on the computer until it was fixed.


Aug. 28

9:45 p.m., Nicki Lane, Hambden. Male would like to speak with an officer about someone stealing over 100 of his pills. He believes it was his ex-girlfriend.


Aug. 27

1:17 p.m., Guinevere Drive, Newbury. On post for report. Homeowner cancelled painting service, threat-ened by company. Deputy attempted contact, left message.

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