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Sheriff’s Report
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Sept. 13-19

The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriffs Office Sept. 13-19. In total, the sheriffs office handled 361 calls…

The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriffs Office Sept. 13-19. In total, the sheriffs office handled 361 calls during this seven-day period.

Animal Abuse

Sept. 16

2:55 p.m., GAR Highway, Hambden. Male just stopped at the dog wardens office trying to drop off his own dog. Office turned him away, causing him to start screaming and yelling at staff. GCDW later responded to area of GAR and Cutts Road to pick up a boxer/American bull dog mix they know belongs to this same male. Humane officer would like to pursue charges because the man just dumped the animal on the side of the road. Deputy advised.

Animal Problem

Sept. 18

2:44 p.m., Cleveland Drive, Auburn. Would like to speak to deputy about the neighbor lady poisoning the neighborhood animals. Deputy advised. Contact humane society.

Sept. 19

9:29 a.m., Georgia Road, Burton. Neighbors chickens are back in my yard again, pooping all over the porch. This is an ongoing problem.

10:38 a.m., Pioneer Road, Huntsburg. Out with a cow in the roadway.

Citizen Assist

Sept. 13

4:09 p.m., Grove Road, Parkman. Caller states she is going through foreclosure and paid a moving company $1,180 to move her things out. Caller found the moving company, PRS Moving & Storage. They started moving some of her things, but have not returned in a week and the phone number for the company is not in service.


Sept. 18

2:59 p.m., XXX Drive, XXX. Brother was just here doing heroin and I locked him out and he said he is going to ruin my life and stash stuff in my car. I found a needle in his room. My sister also does heroin and lives next door. The caller left her house. She will come to post to talk to someone.


Sept. 17

1:14 p.m., Jug Street, Troy.Debit card fraud of $2,200. Caller is niece/caretaker. Complainant had multiple purchases made to her Huntington Bank debit card between Aug. 20-23. These purchases were made over the Internet and in different states. Bank card was canceled. Complainant received her statement and noticed more charges made during that time period. Complainant wanted to file a report with GCSO in case she has more problems. Huntington Bank will be handling this case.


Sept. 14

9:37 a.m., Goredon Drive, Aquilla. My rock wall and all my rocks are now in my neighbors ditch. Deputy advised. Rocks were moved from drive by unknown house manager and placed across the street. Rocks were moved back.

6:16 p.m., Plank Road, Montville. Caller received a letter in the mail from Washington, D.C., stating they have unsatisfied parking tickets. The letter shows their plate number to their vehicle they had at the time, but is the wrong make of vehicle. Caller states they have never been to D.C. Caller isnt sure if this is a scam or just a mistake. Notice appeared to be legitimate. Advice given. No crime at this time.

Sept. 15

12:16 a.m., Newcomb Road, Middlefield. Just north of this address small red car with LED lights and Dodge truck with a tool box is throwing fireworks at the buggies. The vehicle was backfiring; no evidence of fireworks.

5:11 p.m., Madison Road, Thompson. Caller states he was walking on a path behind the baseball fields near his house. Caller came across some childrens shoes and a sock located near some ground up rock, and a stick in the ground. Caller states it could possibly be a grave marker. Caller will meet deputy at the baseball fields. Located a pair of shoes at the end of a small mound of stone in such a fashion to suggest that someone was buried with only their feet exposed. Further examination of the mound and surrounding area revealed noting to indicate anyone is currently or had ever been buried in that location. It appears to be a youthful prank.

Sept. 16

1:30 p.m., Cloverdale Drive, Middlefield. Older man down the street continues to act strange, making inappropriate sexual gestures at the complainant. Today he was seen standing in the woods across from her house watching her. Earlier he was yelling at her as she drive by and attempted to spit on her. Sargeant spoke with the complainant; advice given, nothing criminal.


Sept. 15

10:21 a.m., Park View Drive, Newbury. Having trouble with his 35-year-old niece; shes been taking money.

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