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Sheriff’s Report
October 31, 2013 by John Karlovec | No Comments

The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriffs Office Oct. 18-24. In total, the sheriffs office handled 342 calls during this seven-day period.

Citizen Assist

Oct. 21

10:27 a.m., Washington Street, Auburn. Male in lobby requesting deputy to be at township hall tonight, possible problems. Advice given; extra patrol requested at Auburn Town Hall tonight.

Domestic Violence

Oct. 23

3:38 p.m., Thompson Road. Complainant is with his daughter at the Thompson PD to report his daughter getting beat up by her step-father last night. She does not need a rescue squad, just a report and visual on the bruises. Report taken.


Oct. 18

7:56 p.m., Longview Drive, Newbury. Report needed for telephone scam. Caller bought $250 Walmart card to pay for taxes on a prize he allegedly won.


Oct. 18

8:10 p.m., Rock Creek Road, Hambden. 52-year-old stabbed by someone at end of drive, by a male. Stabbed by left eye and left side. Both males were drinking. Medevac on standby.


Oct. 22

10:14 a.m., Auburn Road, Newbury. Found a baby crawling across the parking lot of the Middlefield Bank, Newbury branch. Hands are red. Per deputy, have the fire department check the child. WENS sent. Employee from bank called and advised they have the baby in the bank. Staff page sent.

Oct. 24

4:50 p.m, Washington Street, Auburn. Prank from same house, two nights in a row. Orders were for $60 and $30. Person calling claimed to be from Auburn Inn. Upon delivery employees denied calling. Deputy called on of the numbers back and spoke to a female, who denied placing any orders. Deputy spoke with employees about ways to better verify information. Phone numbers called from appeared to be cloned.


Oct. 18

6:40 p.m., GAR Highway, Hambden. Horse was stolen from barn last night.

Oct. 23

11:33 a.m., Main Market Road, Parkman. Vendor had her briefcase stolen out of the store. Deputy advised. Report taken.


Oct. 19

4:42 p.m., Madison Road, Parkman. In lobby to seek advice from deputy. Male threatening to post a compromising picture on Facebook if she does not have sex with him. Advice given.

Traffic Hazard

Oct. 18

11:56 a.m., Woodin Road, Hambden. I hit a chicken that was in the road. I do not know if the chicken is dead. No need to see a deputy but someone should check the roadway. Area checked OK.


Oct. 23

10:40 p.m., Washington Street, Auburn. Two male subjects on the property behind the shop stealing stainless scrap metal out of the bins behind the building. They are loading the scrap metal into a blue Ford Ranger with a black cap on it. One of the men held at gunpoint across from Active Plumbing. GCSO advises one may be hiding in the scrap bin. One is custody, getting cuffed. Highway Towing en route for GCSO, for Ford pickup.

Warrant Service

Oct. 22

11:04 p.m., Merritt Road, Munson. Turning myself in on a warrant. I am in sheriffs office lobby. Female was transported from lobby to intake.

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