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Sheriff’s Report
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The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriffs Office Nov. 1-7. In total, the sheriffs office handled 265 calls…

The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriffs Office Nov. 1-7. In total, the sheriffs office handled 265 calls during this seven-day period.

Animal Problem

Nov. 5

12:09 p.m., Gingerich Road, Burton. Sheep loose on the roadway. UTL/GOA.

Citizen Dispute

Nov. 6

8:32 p.m., Princeton Road, Huntsburg. My sister is refusing to return my property. Caller is requesting a phone call in hopes a deputy can talk the 18-year-old female into returning the chairs. Advice given as to handling matter internally. Not a police matter; dispute over property between family members. Resolution reached and property in process of being returned.

Domestic Violence

Nov. 5

9:28 p.m., Twin Mills Lane, Munson. Wife hit and slapped and he has marks on his face. She left. Son is only other person in the home. Arrested female for DV, took photos of injuries, obtained statements, completed narrative.


Nov. 2

4:20 p.m., Bass Lake Road, Newbury. Husband has been getting calls about winnings and they wont stop. Complainant was advised to contact their phone company and inquire about call management. This appeared to be an international scam as the phone number was out of country.

Nov. 4

10:24 a.m., Rapids Road, Troy. Complainant has a 1964 Mustang that was being worked on in Florida. The subject there stated the vehicle was shipped back to him on Oct. 6 or Oct. 7. The car has never arrived here. Police department in St. Petersburg, Fla., told the complainant he needed to file a report with his local department.

Nov. 6

9:50 a.m., Williams Road, Hambden. Over the phone the complainant lost $6,392. Deputy advised. Report taken.


Nov. 1

8:09 p.m., Kinsman Road, Newbury. Someone keeps calling and making threats to the clerk. Subject continually called the BP clerk, swearing and yelling obscenities at him over his girlfriends firing. Subject was advised not to contact BP again and any further contact would result in telecommunications harassment charges. Subject denied making contact with BP; however, he stated he was done contacting them.


Nov. 1

10:04 a.m., Woodin Road, Hambden. Caller thinks her neighbor moved her animal traps last night and would like to file a report. Deputy advised. Complainant wanted to document that some of her stuff was scattered in the front yard. Complainant further stated she doesnt believe the 60 mph winds did it. Deputy advised complainant he would document her incident and then provide some advice.

10:11 a.m., Winchester Drive, Munson. Had a bunch of plywood knocked over in her yard and a branch is completely twisted. Caller believes it was not wind damage and that it was kids in the neighborhood. No evidence of mischief; appearing to be wind related.

Nov. 4

11:44 a.m., Copperleaf Drive, Hambden. Complainant found a sex toy in her mailbox. Unknown timeframe of when it was put in there, possibly over the weekend. No suspects at this time.

Nov. 5

1:43 p.m., Kinsman Road, Middlefield Stated there is something on his computer that shouldnt be. Sounds intoxicated. It was a problem with Internet and it is fixed. It was a virus. No one needs to come over.

Nov. 6

11:51 a.m., Madison Road, Huntsburg. Parent on location to pick up child smells of pot. They are attempting to keep him. Child was dropped off, not picked up. Father leaving in silver vehicle. Information to be forwarded to JFS.

Nov. 7

9:41 a.m., Berkshire Industrial Parkway. Employee brought a gun and a knife. This occurred yesterday. Now he has been arrested in NY. Was very weird yesterday. Deputy advised. No crime in Geauga. Advised on CPO.

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