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Sheriff’s Report
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The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriffs Office Nov. 8-14. In total, the sheriffs office handled 323 calls…

The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriffs Office Nov. 8-14. In total, the sheriffs office handled 323 calls during this seven-day period.

Agency Assist

Nov. 14

7:04 a.m., Grace Street, Newbury. Request for deputy to meet truant officer at above address at 8 a.m. Juvenile is refusing to go to school and he may need him transported. Deputy advised. Assisted transporting juvenile to Newbury High School.

Animal Problem

Nov. 9

6:13 p.m., Wilson Mills Road, Munson. Passerby reporting an injured coyote in the roadway. One injured coyote put down.

Citizen Assist

Nov. 8

1:28 p.m., Kinsman Road, Newbury. Possible drug problem at the gas station. Deputy located male that was going through heroin withdrawal at BP. Transported to hospital; mother was also on location.

Domestic Dispute

Nov. 10

1:46 a.m., Sanctuary Drive, Auburn. Wallet was just stolen by an older couple at the house. He does not know who they are. Couple has left in an unknown type vehicle, in an unknown direction. Male called back and is now saying he and his parents got into a fight. He states he wanted to leave and his parents took his wallet so he couldnt go. They were arguing over him turning 18 and wanting more freedom. There was no violence. Spoke with caller and his father. Dispute over caller coming home late. Wallet not stolen or lost; it was locked inside the car he drives and the parents took the keys. Advice was given; no violence or threats.


Nov. 14

3:23 p.m., Kinsman Road, Newbury. Unknown last name; employee at location has drugs on him. Owner found heroin on him. Owner has him in the office now.

Juvenile Problem

Nov. 11

9:23 a.m., Aquilla Road, Claridon. Teenage male, last three weeks suspended from school, fighting with brother and sister, fighting at school. Unknown if drugs are the problem. Juvenile does not care if he goes to jail. Spoke with child; advised on unruly charges if behavior continues. Juvenile taken on a jail tour. Parents wil call for any future incidents.


Nov. 11

3:53 p.m., Chipmunk Lane, Burton. Female approached children while they were walking home and threatened terrorized them, driving a white pickup. Happened about 3:15 p.m. Deputy informed of call. Spoke with complainant who advised a female driver stopped and said something to his children while they were walking on Chipmunk. Children immediately ran away and caught up to another group of children. Vehicle drove away. Complainant believed this was not a criminal matter based on fact he believed this was a neighbor that lived down the road.

Nov. 12

1:51 p.m., Plank Rod, Montville. Complainant wants off a mailing list and he feels he was threatened by company. He was told it would cost him to get off of the list. Not a criminal offense. Advice given. Upset over receiving a marketing letter via the U.S. Mail.Nov. 13

11:40 p.m., GAR Highway, Montville. I was getting ready to go to bed and heard a noise on porch. I went outside to check and there was a sheet or a shower curtain with a dead cat inside on the lawn furniture. Footprints. House is locked and I dont see anyone or any vehicles. I?have been getting strange phone calls for quite a while now with no one on the line. Home alone. No fresh footprints observed by deputies. Cat appeared to have been hit by car and possibly left on callers porch by motorist who believed cat belonged to caller. No crime at this time.


Nov. 11

7:25 a.m., McCall Road, Parkman. Generator 4000 watt was taken during the night; it was chained to the parked semi. The chains were cut. Deputy advised. Report taken.

12:49 p.m., Old State Road, Claridon. $1,400 missing; two bank drops missing. Report taken.

Nov. 12

6:16 a.m., Reynolds Road, Parkman. Someone broke into the garage last night and took a 4-wheeler and a welder. Report taken.

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