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Austin Jackson is a senior at Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin who plays shortstop for the Lions Final Four Div. II?baseball team.Jackson lives in Burton and is…

Austin Jackson is a senior at Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin who plays shortstop for the Lions Final Four Div. II baseball team.

Jackson lives in Burton and is known for having an outgoing, charismatic personality.

Here’s more about him:

LISTENING: I am currently listening to “Under the Bridge” by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I actually just downloaded Creed’s greatest hits. I love their message in the songs!

WATCHING: My TV show is “The Price is Right” because I love Drew Carry and it’s exciting seeing your everyday person win something extravagant they probably wouldn’t receive unless on that show. I recently just saw “American Hustle” and found the movie fantastic!

SUPERPOWER: I would use the ability to teleport anywhere at anytime. I would find this beneficial to visit the world and help out all people around the world that are unhappy in their current situation, giving them a fresh start somewhere new. Most everyone needs a new beginning sometime in their life.

BEDTIME: Average bed time during the week is 11 as well as 1 on the weekends.

COLLECTED: I collect sports figures that are in the plastic boxes and cannot ever be opened!!

STYLE: I would say that my personal style is very outgoing, love to laugh and make others laugh around me, with also a serious side when I have to.

GRADUATION: My plans for After high school is to Attend Gordon State college in South Georgia to play baseball and major in kinesiology.

READING: I enjoy reading ESPN magazine, biographies, and, of course, the Maple Leaf!

TRAVEL: If I could venture anywhere in the world I would love to go to Fiji. It’s extremely exotic and pure, one of the last places on earth that hasn’t been contaminated with garbage. The coolest place I have visited is probably Omaha Nebraska to see the college World Series and all the history.

As told to Sports Editor Jamie Ward

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