Amish Corner
August 27, 2020 by Sara Miller

Monday morning, Aug. 24 was muggy...

Hello from Geauga County, Amish Country,

Monday morning, Aug. 24 was muggy. It had the feeling like it was going to be another warm day. The shower we had on Sunday perked things up again.

Already signs are pointing towards fall. Martins are leaving for the south, schools are starting and weddings have slowed down.

Born to John Mark and Ruth Ann Hershberger, a son, Ethan Jay, on Aug. 15. He was born on his grandfather Ray’s birthday. Grandparents are Ray and Judy Miller and Bob and Sylvia Hershberger.

On Aug. 21, my niece Fannie and Amos Bontrager, of Augusta, Wis., spent the afternoon and evening with me. They stayed for dinner, then in the evening, sons Ray, Perry and Katie Ann, Joe and Saloma and Richard also came. We sat around the patio at daughter Sylvia and Dan’s house. Amos and Fannie then went to Crist and Ann Byler’s for the night.

I spent 10 days in Mio, Mich., at daughter Betty and Melvin Byler’s from Aug. 4 to 14. I spent one day with sister Liz and one day, sisters Liz, Clara and Sylvia spent the day at niece Wilma’s for Liz’s 89th birthday. On Friday, we had a family get-together at niece Bertha and David Bontrager’s. It was a very nice day.

I see the orioles are at the feeders eating jelly, but the yellow jackets are terrible at the feeders. They even try and chase away the hummingbirds.

Having brunch at son Richard’s on Aug. 23 were Joe and Saloma Miller, Dan and Sylvia Miller, Christian and Sarah Hostetler, Adam and Lori Miller and I. It was delicious. Thanks, Rich and Sue. All too soon, these outdoor activities will come to an end.

This week, Aug. 27-29, six of us friends plan to spend time in Cook Forrest. Expenses are being paid by a friend; how nice is that?

Mrs. John Mat Miller is spending last week and this week with Dan and Sylvia Miller. She fell five weeks ago, breaking her right shoulder real bad. She is coming along pretty well, but will still be awhile until it is healed. Doctors didn’t want to do surgery the way it was broken. Some of her family visited her the evening of Aug. 22.

Planning to take granddaughter Aden Troyer Rosanna on a one-day bus tour on Aug. 27 for her birthday are her mom Sylvia and more of her family. I will have to miss out if I go to Cook Forrest. Happy birthday, Rose.

Happy birthday to grandson Jonathan. Sixteen years old on Aug. 29.


A man was filling out an application for credit. Among the many questions was this: “Length of residence in present location?”

After some mental calculation, he filled the blank, “40 to 45 feet, including the garage.”

The rural doctor went out to the farm to check on the farmer’s wife. Upon arriving, the doctor was thirsty. He walked over to the well to bring up some cool water, but slipped and fell in. The moral is that a doctor should take care of the sick and leave the well alone.

A Thought to Remember

Confidence is keeping your chin up; overconfidence is sticking your neck out.

You all have a good week.