Letters to the Editor
July 19, 2018 by Submitted

Read the letter by a Chesterland girl that has gone viral around the world.

Care and Hope

I am aware of a big story I think your newspaper should feature.

The Harrington Heart and Vascular Institute at University Hospital Geauga Medical Center is being expanded.

Two years ago, my husband’s life was saved thanks to the superior and dxpediant care he was given by Dr. Gregory Setfano and his excellent team.

At the time we rushed to UH Geauga emergency room in April 2016, we had no idea of the improvements, innovations, and advanced medical care University Hospitals was providing so close to home.

My husband had been suffering from what he thought was indigestion. He had no chest pain, but was just not feeling well for about a week.

We had gone to an urgent care center earlier in the week where he was chastised by a nurse for coming in for “just indigestion.” Several days went past and he was still not feeling well. We started to worry about the possibility of a heart attack and around midnight we headed to the UH Geauga emergency room through a snowstorm.

The staff there was superior, kind, calm and careful, and very thorough. An enzyme test showed that Gene had indeed had a heart attack. We were shocked as he had no chest pain or arm pain, which we thought were the typical symptoms.

So he was admitted to 2 West, where the nursing care was absolutely phenomenal. He was scheduled to have a heart catherization first thing in the morning. Through the night and early morning there were multiple visits by the members of Dr. Stefano’s team to prepare and educate us.

One after another, they reassured us and provided care and hope.

We were made aware of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at the UH Geauga Medical Center and Gene was encouraged to sign up. This gave us hope for a successful recovery.

In the morning two stents were placed in the blocked artery and, after one more night, Gene was released.

As heart attack is the leading cause of death in the United States, I think it would be very good if your newspaper published a series of articles about the Harrington Heart Institute and the excellent care UH Geauga medical campus is providing right here, close to home, for residents of Geauga and surrounding counties.

My husband’s heart attack was slow progressing, but would have made me a widow had we not gone to UH Geauga for help.

Many heart attacks happen suddenly without warning. Minutes matter and Dr. Stefano and his staff give the opportunity to save life and minimize damage.

Funds are needed to expand the Harrington Heart Institute and the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. Donations can be made by sending checks to: University Hospitals of Cleveland

Institutional Relations & Development, ATTN: Harrington Heart Institute, 11100 Euclid Ave. MCCO-5062, Cleveland, OH 44106-9845.

Additional information can also be accessed online at UHGiving.org/donate or by calling 440-285-6595.

Be sure to specify that your donation is intented to help expand the Harrington Heart and Vascular Institute and Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at UH Geauga Medical Center.

Cathy DiNardo
Troy Township 

Sexist Comment

My name is Julianne Speyer. I am 12 years old and I would like to inform you of how offended and disappointed I am by the announcer of the Chesterland 4th of July parade’s comment about the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.

The announcer labeled the Boy Scouts as “future leaders of America” and he said the Girl Scouts were “just having fun.”

I found this comment very sexist and patronizing. I would appreciate it if you would help me to let other people know how much this kind of thing happens and how bad it is. I feel it is an insult to both girls and women of all ages. This kind of thing happens way too much and it is not OK at all.

I have always been taught that if you think something is unjust, change it. So, this is how I am making a change.

Thank you for listening to me and I hope you can help me.

Julianne Speyer
Russell Township