Pros Cheer CV Farms Improvements
January 11, 2018 by Ann Wishart

Improvements made at Chagrin Valley Farms in Bainbridge Township brought rave reviews from professional horsemen following the farm’s A-rated December show.

Improvements made at Chagrin Valley Farms in Bainbridge Township brought rave reviews from professional horsemen following the farm’s A-rated December show.

When the Schneider family, owners of Schneider’s Saddlery in Bainbridge Township, purchased the historic 85-acre horse farm last year, they promised to update the facility to encourage more riders at all levels and trainers to enjoy shows, camps and lessons there.

Initial improvements included new lighting, better footing in the two arenas and a bright coat of paint.

“The new footing in the show ring is unbelievable. I think it’s one of the best rings I have ridden on and the horses jumped unbelievably and landed soft. I couldn’t hear them canter. Those horses felt really good,” said Linda Radigan after the December show.

Radigan, owner of River Bend Jumpers in Vermillion, came to the show to “catch ride,” which means she rode horses she doesn’t know well.

Radigan’s string of jumpers was on its way to the Florida show circuit, so she was available to ride for other owners.

She commented on other changes the Schneiders have set in motion.

“The schooling ring is bigger and that really is a big help. I really liked that. It seemed like the ring was longer,” Radigan said, adding she appreciated the brighter lights in the arena and the stable aisles and the painting in the show ring. “It gave the ring a kick-wall feeling. I think it really kept horses more focused and gave the ring more depth.”

Her history in the area makes her cognizant of the need to beef up the horse culture in the Chagrin Valley and Geauga County.

“When I was a kid, I remember going to a different farm every weekend to show —Dorchester Farms, Andrews School, Ridgewood Stables and more. It is scary to see how much we have lost and everyone is starting to see it. We desperately need a place with value,” Radigan said. “The renovation of the farm by the Schneiders is quite a project to undertake. We cannot afford to lose Chagrin Valley Farms. We need it because we don’t have anything else like it to start people and horses riding and showing that isn’t hours away and costly.”

Another A-rated show is planned for Jan 18-21 at CVF, with a schooling show Jan. 27 and 28. The dressage show scheduled for Jan. 7 was changed to Jan. 14 because of the expected extreme low temperatures.

Scott Petrie, who owns a stable in Medina, brought horses to CVF for the December show and was pleasantly surprised.

“I am really glad to see Chagrin Valley Farms being revived and that they are doing it right,” he said. “I am upset we made other plans already and won’t be here for the January shows. I would rather have a nice facility close to home. It is expensive to go out of the area and the added cost of travel with hotels adds up. We look forward to being back.”

Having boarded horses at CVF in the past, Kelly Corrigan said she also felt the footing and lighting was a plus when she judged at CVF’s December show.

“It’s always nice to go back and see familiar faces. It’s great seeing the improvements to the facility and I’ll be very interested to see the final product,” said Corrigan, whose husband, Cory, was horse show manager at CVF for many years.

Visitors are welcome to attend shows for free at CVF, located at 9250 Washington St. in Bainbridge Township. A heated clubroom and heated bleachers make the atmosphere comfortable and admission is free. For more information, call 440-543-7233.

January CV Farms Shows

Dressage Show Jan. 14

A-Rated Hunter Jumper Show Jan. 18-21

Hunter Jumper Schooling Show Jan 27-28