Real Estate Transfers
June 1, 2020

Week Ending May 15, 2020

Following is a list of real estate transfers for the week ending May 15, 2020, provided as a public service by the Geauga County Auditor’s Office. Transfers may involve the sale of land only.


LDI Holdings LLC, 11740 Edinboro Lane, to Katie C. Imhof, $665,000. (6.01 acres)

Fox Crossing Properties Ltd., Auburn Road, to Jeremy Elek, $30,000. (2.14 acres)


Steven K. and Cynthia L. Hardman (TOD), 18876 Rivers Edge Drive West, to William A. and Darcy M. Roediger, $336,000. (2.09 acres)

Canyon Manor Inc., Creek View Trail, to Mark and Mary Carol Wilson, $145,000. (0.41 acres)

Richard J. and Janet Lynn Weber, 17641 Northampton Court (Unit 46), to Augustine Kellis M.D. and George J. Kellis M.D., $160,000. (0.00 acres)

Gary Peck Jr. and Stephanie Kless Sugar, 8688 Lake in the Woods Trail, to Raquel and Zachary Mazur, $449,900. (1.56 acres)

Stephen and Dorothy Lynn Ciciretto, 17109 East View Drive, to Travis and Alexandra Jorgensen, $535,000. (0.55 acres)

Canyon Lakes Colony Co., Canyon Ridge (s/l 336), to Donald K. and Paula K. Hurst, $145,000. (0.40 acres)

Erin T. and Timothy P. Henning, 17572 Gates Landing Drive, to Todd J. and Darlene A. Walker, $535,000. (0.34 acres)


Timothy Donald and Kathleen Ann Riley, 15963 Tavern Road, to William A. III and Michelle L. Rowell, $155,000. (0.50 acres)

Thomas M. and Lisa M. Menard, 13445 Colony Lane, to Jason H. Ronyak, $50,000. (5.01 acres)


Ronald J. and Ronald Weber, 354 Sylvia Drive, to U.S. Bank Trust N.A., $93,400. (0.25 acres)


Roselyn E. Dudash, 8415 Whiting Drive, to Kelley A. Christie and Kasandra C. Beclay, $165,000. (1.00 acres)

Jennifer Kay, 8525 Sharp Lane, to Jason and Danielle Verba, $200,700. (0.62 acres)

Mary T. and Katherine L. Buettner, 13361 Hickory St., to Katherine L. Buettner, $61,700. (1.01 acres)


Michele M. Pennell, 9600 Old State Road, to 9600 Old State Road LLC, $364,900. (7.43 acres)

Kelly Nevison, 14100 GAR Highway, to James L. Jr. and Alicia M. Overberg, $295,000. (3.27 acres)

Frank A. Dyrcz Jr., 14130 Rock Creek Road, to Daniel Day, $165,000. (3.13 acres)

CR Acquisition LLC, Flyfisher Way (s/l 14), to Philip M. and Danielle L. Geyer, $62,500. (3.02 acres)


Walter H. Jr. and Anna Marie Byler, 15463 Newcomb Road, to David D. and Rosanna Raber, $210,000. (1.89 acres)


Marsha K. Gorman, Munnberry Oval, to Anton R. and Kirsten E. Amstadt, $68,000. (3.88 acres)


Gail M. Bowen (trustee), 14926 Hillbrook Drive, to Eric A. and Diane G. Attell, $1,261,300. (3.60 acres)

Milagros Plagata (TOD), 14480 Caves Road, to MTGLQ Investors L.P., $120,000. (2.07 acres)


Melvin R. and Susan J. Miller, 16750 Jug St., to Merlin R. and Rachel D. Miller, $230,000. (6.01 acres)