Notre Dame Elementary School News
April 7, 2022 by Staff Report

Seventh-graders Drusilla Mango and Maddie Montoni earned honors at the Hudson Regional Power of the Pen competition...

Power of the Pen Winners

Seventh-graders Drusilla Mango and Maddie Montoni earned honors at the Hudson Regional Power of the Pen competition. Drusilla Mango will be moving on to the Power of the Pen State Tournament at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio, on May 12-13.

NEOSEF Award Winners

Congratulations to the NDES students who placed in their selective categories at the Northeastern Ohio Science & Engineering Fair. Award winners include Melanie Drazdik, Brandon Hemrock, Elsbeth Khula, Taylor Kuhn, Mia Lignetta, Drusilla Mango, Collin O’Brien and Natalie Rieger.

Students earning recognition include: Taylor Kuhn, honorable mention, biology; Alexis Urigel, third place, health/medicine; Elsbeth Khula- second place, behavioral science; Drusilla Mango, honorable mention, chemistry; Melanie Drazdik, third place, chemistry; Mia Lignetta, third place, chemistry; Natalie Rieger, third place, chemistry; Collin O’Brien, second place, Earth/space science; and Brandon Hemrock, third place, engineering.

Students earning special fair awards  are:

Brandon Hemrock, American Institute of Chemical Engineers “Best Engineering and Environmental Award,” $100 and an invitation to present; Natalie Rieger, ASM International, $100 and a certificate; Natalie Rieger, ASM Materials Education Foundation, a certificate; Natalie Rieger, Cleveland Chemical Association, $50 and a certificate; Elsbeth Khula, Cleveland Clinic Department of Psychiatry and Psychology, $50 and a certificate; Natalie Reiger and Mia Lignetta, Iota Sigma Pi National Honor Society for Women in Chemistry- Fluorine Chapter, both earned $50 and a certificate; Collin O’Brien, NEOSEF Board of Directors Award,  Science News magazine subscription; and Brandon Hemrock, Parker Hannifin Corporation,  a certificate.

Third-Grade Blast Off

Third grade has blasted off into geometry world the week of March 28. They’ve started learning how to define polygons using geometric attributes such as what types of angles the shapes have, how many pairs of parallel lines make up the shape or the lines of symmetry they can create in the shape. Students have also learned that squares, rectangles, rhombuses, trapezoids and parallelograms all share attributes and that those shared attributes can define a larger category of shapes —- quadrilaterals.