Sheriff’s Report
November 24, 2021

Nov. 12-18, 2021

The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office Nov. 12-18, 2021.


Nov. 15

11:19 a.m., Ravenna Road, Auburn. Cow in the road. UTL/GOA.


Nov. 15

2:18 p.m., Rock Creek Road, Hambden. Male being irate with cashier. Getting in landscaping truck. Clerk asked for ID for smokes and male did not have his ID and became angry. No violence or damage. Caller advised store does not want male to return.


Nov. 13

5:11 p.m., Kinsman Road, Middlefield. Caller is trying to bring her teenage daughter antibiotics. Ex-husband is filming caller and taking photos. Caller needs a deputy to take antibiotics to the door of the house because ex-husband will not let her come to the door. Caller upset her ex-husband would not pick up the medication for their daughter, so she picked it up and parked across the street for the daughter to come retrieve the medication. Ex-husband stated daughter did not need the meds until tomorrow and caller is violating custody order, stating all exchanges need to take place at Middlefield PD. Deputy handed medication over to ex-husband. Advice given to both parties.


Nov. 14

12:16 a.m., Kinsman Road, Newbury. Male went to the lobby and said his female companion hit him, rescue declined. Male said female is possibly intoxicated, but refusing to give additional names or information. Male went back to the room and female is at front desk now. No weapons. Male and female were involved in verbal altercation while staying at Punderson Manor. Both parties denied any violence or threats of violence. Punderson gave a free room to separate the couple for the evening.


Nov. 12

10:09 a.m., River Road, Munson. Complainant advised someone has made a fake Facebook account in her name. Complainant already has contacted Facebook to report issue. Advice given.

3:34 p.m., Mayfield Road, Claridon. Caller reports someone tried to take $600 out of her bank today. Advice given about fraud on accounts. No loss of funds. Bank was contacted and accounts closed.

Nov. 13

6:07 p.m., Walden Oaks Drive, Munson. Complainant received a letter from CC Recoveries to collect a debt of $3,361.60. Complainant contacted the company, which is out of Tennessee, and is waiting for a call back. He advised he is not behind on any payments. At this time, more information is needed from CC Recoveries and if complainant gets a call back with more information he will contact GCSO.


Nov. 17

12:51 p.m., Old State Road, Claridon. Caller thinks neighbor is harassing her via social media. Victim received a message from “Bratty Kid” on Instagram that said “F%#& You” and received another message from “Old as Dirt Forever” that said “Did Knuckles Bison contact you yet,” which has something to do with brass knuckles. Victim wanted it documented.


Nov. 17

6:43 a.m., Kevin Lane, Hambden. 17-year-old son is refusing to go to school. Mom is at work and would like deputy to go speak with him. Deputy responded. Male and female dropped off on the sidewalk by Chardon High School.


Nov. 16

7:54 p.m., Valley Road, Auburn. Two individuals out at LaDue boat ramp sitting in vehicle with the windows fogged. They were advised to take it elsewhere.

Nov. 18

12:34 a.m., Bass Lake Road, Munson. Located occupied vehicle at Munson Township Park. The occupants checked OK. They were playing Pokemon. They were advised the park is closed and they would need to come back in morning.


Nov. 13

9:32 a.m., Claridon Troy Road, Claridon. Theft of catalytic converter from Ford passenger van. Unknown time frame. Van possibly sitting for a few weeks. No cameras on exterior of building. No suspects or leads.