Sheriff’s Report
May 18, 2023

May 5-11, 2023

The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office May 5-11, 2023.


May 5

9:31 a.m., Mayfield Road, Claridon. JFS is asking for assistance in going to listed address. They have a report there is a 4-day-old and a 2-year-old who are being subjected to meth. They also have intel this is a drop issue and they have a ton of weapons. Caller would like to meet at the church. Assisted. Kids were not home.


May 9

7:54 p.m., Madison Road, Middlefield. Two donkeys running loose. By the ditch and keep walking into traffic. Donkeys are headed toward 528 from an access road.

May 11

9:47 p.m., Agler Road, Parkman. Phone call only. Caller has questions about a dead horse on his neighbor’s property that the neighbor is refusing to remove. Caller given multiple numbers for animal removal, but caller would like to speak to someone regarding the legality. Advice given. Caller will contact health department and/or township.


May 11

10 a.m., Clay Street, Thompson. Would like to speak with a deputy about a kidnapping case in relation to being arrested by the former Thompson police chief. Matter already is being investigated by prosecutor’s office.


May 6

3:17 p.m., Maple Drive, Newbury. Caller is complaining the neighbor is burning something that stinks and is black inside their chimney. They are known to burn garbage inside their home. This is a common occurrence.


May 9

3:34 p.m., Westfield Drive, Newbury. Teenage female acting strange, change in mental status. Just came home from school, caller believes she is on drugs. She stated she is on drugs and feels like she is going crazy. She is not combative. Percocet, marijuana and a vape pen with THC is what she admitted to using that, unknown if it all was today. Caller believes she has Percocet on her now. Mother hung up on dispatch.


May 6

8:47 a.m., Fox Road, Auburn. Male in blue Chevy passed out in roadway. One male arrested for OVI. Vehicle towed.


May 10

5:48 p.m., GAR Highway, Montville. Caller states his neighbor damaged his property with 4-wheelers. Caller advised while he was working on his trails on his 80+ acre property he observed multiple deep ruts caused by off-road vehicles. He followed the ruts back to neighbor’s home and they began arguing about the ruts. Deputy made contact with neighbor who said his friends came over and road 4-wheelers and was unaware of any damage and said he would be more than happy for complainant to show him the damage and he would fix it. Neighbor advised to stay off of complainant’s property and that he is in process of putting up posted no trespassing signs. Information provided to complainant to make contact at a later time about repairs.


May 6

10:48 a.m., Old State Road, Claridon. Out with a female singing on the side of the road. She is setting flower and praying at the intersection. Checks OK.

May 11

3:31 p.m., Ravenna Road, Munson. Caller is reporting a male showed up on May 4 at 9:30 p.m. and was claiming there were outages down the road and he needed access to investigate due to WomenSafe being the reason for the outage. Spectrum said today there was no one associated with them that had been dispatched to this area on that date. Male identified himself as Spectrum and had an ID badge. Staff felt it was suspicious because he wanted to get inside, but they denied him. Advice given, staff wanted to file a report, just in case. Extra patrol requested.


May 10

8:48 a.m., Cloverdale Drive, Middlefield. Caller states her brother threatened her life yesterday. Told the caller, “You’ll be the next one to die even if I have to do it.” He’s not currently on scene, but unknown where he is, possibly somewhere in Kiwanis. He is 34. Caller states brother was upset because she would not let him keep his property at her home. Advice given to caller, who wanted incident documented for when she applies for a protection order.


May 11

8:48 a.m., Tavern Road, Burton. Motorcycle traveling in excess of 100 mph. Enforcement action taken.


May 9

5:01 p.m., Kile Road, Hambden. Male in bathroom not breathing. Deputy advised. Male on the floor. Male is now awake, no one will talk to dispatch. He admitted to using drugs, unknown what type. Admitted to using crack cocaine, which caused overdose.