Hello from Geauga County Amish Country
May 17, 2018 by Sara Miller

It was a beautiful morning on May 7.

It was a beautiful morning on May 7. It seems so good to have sunshine. Robins are happy to be able to find worms. Martins are back, but I don’t have any houses up yet.

We again had several funerals in the community. The funeral of widow, Mrs. Edna Kuhns, 93, was on May 5, and on May 6 was the funeral of widow, Mrs. Liz Yoder, 88 years old.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the David O. Borkholder family since his accident at work where he was seriously hurt. He is in Cleveland Metro Hospital.

My company the night of May 6 was sons Perry’s and David, Ray and Judy and Richard and children. Richard Sue was visiting her sister Cynthia in the hospital. We missed you, Sue.

Having brunch at Dan and Sylvia’s on May 6 were Danny Ray and Betty, Bob and Sylvia Hershberger and children and I. A full course breakfast was served. After brunch, we sat on Dan’s new patio.

Last week was my last day at Sunny Hope School as the school closes for the summer on May 9. The picnic was on May 14.

The wedding of Barbara, daughter of Vernon and Nancy Yoder, of McCall Road, and Daniel, son of Melvin and Laura Miller, of Bridge Road, is on May 10. We are looking forward to having sister Clara Kauffman and sister Sylvia and Albert Miller coming for the wedding. They live in Mio, Mich. Sister Liz, also of Mio, will not be coming as she fell last week breaking her left wrist. She has had lots of pain.

Sawmill Lane School had its school picnic the afternoon of April 27. The weather was nice until later, but they were able to have several games of baseball with the fathers also helping.

The evening of May 18 will be a benefit auction at Buster Miller’s on the corner of Newcomb and Nash roads for the special education schools. They will serve chicken, burgers, Italian sausages, pie and ice cream. Bring the family for a fun night out. Carryouts will be available. There’s also a live and silent auction. So, mark the calendar.

Some Facts

The giant sequoia tree “General Sherman” in the Sequoia National Park in California stands 275 feet tall. It is 36 ½ feet through the base. If this tree were cut into lumber, there would be enough lumber to construct a village of 40.5 room houses. We saw these huge trees when Joe and I and daughter Betty, Melvin and three children went out west in August 2016. It was awesome.

The lowest place in America is the Death Valley in California. It is also the driest and hottest place in America. The record high temperature is 134 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thought for the Day

There’s no end to the good we can do if we don’t care who gets the credit.

It’s easier to leave angry words unspoken than to mend a heart these words have broken.


You all have a good week. Enjoy spring.