Hello from Geauga County Amish Country
May 2, 2019 by Sara M. Miller

It was chilly on Monday morning. I’d say we’re in the rainy season.

Hello from Geauga County Amish Country,

It was chilly on Monday morning. I’d say we’re in the rainy season.

Spring flowers are blooming, brightening up the homes. I planted some lily and gladiola bulbs in my little flowerbed.

Grandson Andrew put up my two new bluebird houses, but so far I haven’t seen any building yet. The sparrows took over the old house. They are not my favorite bird.

May 2 is to be son Richard’s daughter, Lori, and Adam Miller Jr.’s wedding. The women plan to go help the day before. I may have an overnight guest Wednesday evening from Pennsylvania. Hopefully it will warm up a bit before Thursday.

April 24 was my last day at Sunny Hope School for the term, as school let out on May 1. The picnic was held Wednesday evening. Sawmill Lane School had its last day on April 26, with the picnic the same evening. Despite the rain, the children and men were able to play several games of baseball and volleyball.

I went into town on Monday to pick up wedding gifts. With eight invitations here, it had to get quite a few.

Mrs. Dave Kurtz Cora is recuperating from her second knee surgery. The first had to be removed due to an infection. We hope this one will be more successful.

I spent the day on April 26 with sister Fannie Yoder to do her weekly cleaning, as her daughter Laura and Enos Hershberger are getting ready for their daughter Rosanna’s wedding on May 30. Sister Elmina then came to Fannie’s in the afternoon. Elmina had not been feeling well all winter, but said she is finally feeling better.

Sister Emma Weaver, of Jasper, N.Y., called and said brother Melvin is not doing well. Some of us have plans to visit them on May 11.

Welshfield, Ohio: May 7, 1896

Oats are about all sowed.

Plowing for corn is the order of the day; some farmers have commenced planting.

Andrew Coblentz and wife of Sugarcreek had been visiting friends and relatives here, returned home Tuesday.

  1. Gingerich & Co. are engaged in building a barn in Huntsburg.

Prospects are for a good crop of all kind of fruits.

Fish seem to be very plenty in the river. J.J. Miller and several boys captured 85 pounds of carp in one day.

Troy is expecting a great boom this summer. A railroad is being surveyed through here and there is some talk of a street car line.

Yours truly, Reporter


“What are the prices of the seats, mister?”

“Front seats are a dollar, back seats a half dollar and the programs are a quarter.”

“I’ll sit on the program, please.”


You all enjoy spring.