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Letters to the Editor
November 18, 2021 by Submitted

Geauga Republicans Deserve Better

See Nancy McArthur run and run and run.

See Nancy McArthur lose and lose and lose.

Nancy McArthur has not run for State Senate — and lost — for State Representative — and lost — and for Mayor of Chardon — and lost.

While compiling this unimpressive losing political record, McArthur has abused her position as Chair of the Geauga County Republican Party for her own self-interest. The only campaign signs in the windows of the Geauga GOP offices this election were “McArthur for Mayor.” Other Republicans were on the ballot this fall. Where were their signs?

The voters have spoken, time and again, with a resounding “NO.” It is time for Nancy McArthur, — four-time loser — to listen.

It is also time for the Geauga GOP Central Committee to heed the wisdom of local voters and elect a new county party chairperson who must concentrate on the party chair’s job and not misuse the position to pursue his or her personal political career ambitions.

Geauga County Republicans deserve better.

Mario Innocenzi
Newbury Township

A Word of Thanks at Thanksgiving

This letter is a thank you to all the voters of Newbury that came out in support of me during the recent election for Trustee on November 2nd.  I can’t express my gratitude enough for those that allowed me to put signs in their yard to show their support during the past few months.  From the small business owners to the residents of Newbury, to my close friends & family….THANKS SO MUCH!  You are making a difference in our town.  A special thanks to two other candidates as well.  Greg Tropf was more than kind in his guidance as I weaved through the paperwork requirements and overall protocols required to take this first step into local politics.  For that assistance, I thank you!  In addition, I wanted to give thanks to Bill Majeski.  Bill and I do not agree on political issues necessarily, but he was more than gracious to me during the campaign & showed the upmost professionalism and understanding as the campaign came to a close.  Thank you, Bill.

This was definitely a learning experience.  I had (and still have) a lot to learn about running a campaign & getting my message out to the folks of this community.  I am not a politician.  I am a dad and a proud resident of Newbury.  I will work hard in the months/years ahead to bring issues to the forefront that affect us all in our community.  It is to YOU, the citizens of Newbury, that I wanted to say, thanks so much.

Phil Paradise Jr.
Newbury Township

Reclaim Your Child’s Education

Dear Geauga County parents, in today’s culture and with so many ideologies surfacing in public education, we believe the time is now to grasp the importance of reclaiming our place as parents in our children’s education.

Home education allows for the most focused involvement in a child’s life, from mathematics to character development to history to family relationships.

If you would like to reclaim your child’s education by bringing them home to learn, we invite you to an informational meeting. Exploring Home Education is a free event and will be held at 7 p.m. Nov. 18 at Chardon Christian Fellowship, 401 South Hambden St. A panel of home educating teachers will be addressing everything from legalities to single parent homeschooling to the age old question, “What about socialization?” You can learn more at

While the commitment required for home education will not be achievable for every family, that doesn’t mean parents can’t reclaim their child’s education. Parents can become intensely involved in the school system their child attends in many ways. Running for school board, attending school board meetings each month, knowing what training teachers are required to participate in, insisting on seeing and reviewing the entire curriculum their child is being taught, volunteering for anything possible in the classes and extracurriculars in which their child is involved, and knowing and encouraging the teachers who are daily instructing their child are all ways to reclaim education while utilizing the public system.

You do have a choice and we encourage you to reclaim your child’s education.

Vickie List, Burton
Jennifer Holbert, Chardon
Linda Retych, Newbury
Pam Crawford, Chardon
Jen Gorton, Chardon

Thank You Chester for PD Support

Dear Chester residents, my Election Day began at 5:30 a.m., when I arrived at the police department, and by 6:30 a.m. I was at the first polling location and ready to start greeting all of you. I wanted that one last opportunity for you to see me, ask me anything and ultimately create an opportunity for me to ask all of you for your support.

Almost 16 hours later, I walked into my home exhausted and cold. I turned on the computer and waited for the election results, while sitting in my chair with my jacket still on. I couldn’t help but to sit there, reflecting on the events of my entire day.

What really helped make the entire day worthwhile were all of the continuous expressions of support from all of you. Your kind words, brief conversations with me, yelling out words of encouragement, the reassurance that you offered — stating you were at the polls to help me get this police levy through — was simply outstanding. I truly hope that you all understand exactly what you have done by supporting this levy, the confidence and stability that you have provided to my department is measurable, strong and appreciated.

When our levy campaign initially began, I made a promise to myself and my entire staff and that was that I would work as hard as I possibly could to campaign for this police levy and see it all the way through. Several of you asked me the same question at the polls: “Chief why are you out here, it will be OK, the levy will pass and you are done in six months anyway.” Without hesitation my answer was always the same: I told you that I’m was no longer out here for myself, I said that I’m out here for the 15 other members of my department.

As you all know our police levy successfully passed and I cannot stress how much I appreciate your overwhelming support. Thank you for allowing me to keep my promise.

Chief Mark A. Purchase
Chester Township Police Department

‘Democracy at Work’

 Mr. Claypool fails to recognize another factor for his loss of votes in the recent Chester Township trustee election. And that is as an elected official representing our township — which includes myself — he was in attendance at an insurrection in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6, 2021.

I waited for Nov. 2 to voice my opinion on that matter.

Democracy at work. Hopefully a few other voters did the same.

Nancy Pezzente
Chester Township