Letters to the Editor
June 15, 2022

‘Geauga Court News’ Worthless

I was disappointed to receive the ‘Geauga Court News’ this week from Judge Timothy J. Grendell, paid for by taxpayers.

The flyer news seemed part social, part political and any other news that we can find online or in local papers.

For a judge who is supposed to be conservative with our tax dollars, this publication was useless to me

Kim Hollinger
Chardon Township

Bible Thumpers

I was wondering if the church leaders who wrote a letter to Chardon city officials condemning a Gay Pride event in the town square were equally offended by the “Trump 2024” flag flying high atop the vendor tent at the Maple Fest?

Did they support the pro-gun or “Let’s Go Brandon” t-shirts displayed inside the vending area, as well?

I’m glad to see that these pillars of good Christian values saw no harm in such positive messaging at a wholesome family event like the Maple Fest. (Hint: “Let’s Go Brandon” means something else, and the first word starts with an “F”).

Or what about those adorable children I saw wearing their cute, pink “Trump 2024” hats at the event? Their parents must be so proud.

Yes, we certainly don’t want anything like a rainbow-colored Pride Flag to corrupt the minds of our impressionable youth. When will these bible thumpers realize that their God, Guns and Gays platform is antiquated? “Your old road is rapidly agin’. Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand.”

Jonathan Katz
(Former Chardon resident)
Concord Township

Sign of Hate

When freedom of speech turns into hate speech, it becomes offensive. It spurs on negative attitudes and controversy that often times lead to violence. Specifically, I’m referring to the repulsive yard signs and flags popping up throughout Geauga County.

Most recently one appeared in the front yard of a homeowner on Route 306, located just north of the center of our township. The displayer may be upset with the current administration, but obviously is not affected by inflation if he can add an addition onto his home and waste money on an abhorrent yard sign.

Any poster with F**K glaring at the viewer is not a welcoming message to the residents of the community or those passing through it. I’m embarrassed to have my grandchildren exposed to such vulgar drool when they come to visit. The sign is despicable and morally wrong.

Anger breads anger. Channel your negative energy into doing something good for your fellow neighbor rather than infringing upon his/her rights. Make your community better rather than divisive. Residents deserve the right to enjoy a peaceful living environment without the ire of their neighbor in constant view.

Lydia V. Komocki
Russell Township

Maximize Sale of Newbury Schools Property

In the May 12, 2022, issue of the Maple Leaf, Mrs. Leavenworth, our West Geauga Board of Education President, was quoted as saying, “The board is a steward of taxpayer dollars and must act in a fiscally responsible manner. Continuing to spend money on a product that does not support the board’s mission is not financially prudent or philosophically defensible.”

I am a taxpayer supporting the  West Geauga school district. If the intention of the West Geauga Board of Education is to maximize the net amount of money received from selling the former Newbury Schools property, then keeping the North Building and the Auditorium standing is the best way to achieve that goal. The building has been inspected and can be easily repurposed for future use by others. Tearing down the North Building will cost us (West Geauga Schools) more money.

Selling the land and existing building in its current condition means more money for our schools.

Roger Mezak
Newbury Township

Parks Want Our Money, Not Input

This month marks the 6-year anniversary of the removal of public comment from the taxpayer-funded Geauga Park District Board of Commissioners meetings.

The Grendell-appointed commissioners have the authority to return public comment to the agenda.

They want our money but not our input?

Enough said.

Barb Partington
President, Protect Geauga Parks
Munson Township

Where is Jesus’ Love?

What a sad commentary on our times that Christian pastors will band together to spew hatred toward fellow humans. Where is Jesus’ love in this letter?

Jesus’ command to love your neighbor as yourself is dismissed by these pastors. When will Jesus’ definition of love reign in the Christian community?

Sharon Belt
Hamden Township