Letters to the Editor
November 3, 2022

Geauga Voters Can Trust Our Elections

Each election cycle, our Geauga County Board of Elections (BOE) serves early voters while also training hundreds of our trusted friends and neighbors to run polling locations on Election Day.

Our BOE and its small army of poll workers have historically executed elections well, thus becoming the most obvious reason why Geauga voters should have faith in the integrity of our elections.

Here are 14 more reasons to trust our elections:

  1. Our Geauga BOE uses bipartisan teams to carry out every aspect of the voting process.
  2. Geauga BOE’s Director, Deputy Director, Administrator and board members are all certified as Ohio Registered Election Officials.
  3. Voting equipment and ballots are safely stored and can only be accessed when unlocked together by Republican and Democratic election officials.
  4. Federal and bipartisan state experts test, examine, and certify all voting equipment as secure.
  5. Voting machines are not hooked up to the internet.
  6. Ohio’s system ensures that every eligible voter is only able to cast one vote.
  7. Those voting absentee by mail must prove their identity twice – first when applying for an absentee ballot and then when submitting their voted ballot.
  8. Absentee ballots are trackable online.
  9. Only family members may return voted absentee ballots to the BOE.
  10. Early voting ballot boxes are surveilled 24/7.
  11. All voters complete paper ballots, which can be retrieved and reviewed if necessary.
  12. All polling locations are staffed by a bipartisan group of poll workers, and are open to the media and poll observers.
  13. Each polling location must account for all ballots using a reconciliation process.
  14. After an election, every county conducts a public post-election audit to further ensure accuracy.

Whether you vote early or on election day, please be sure to vote — and then help a friend or family member vote, too. Democracy works best when all of our voices are heard.

Shelly Lewis, President
League of Women Voters of Geauga

You Should be Ashamed!

Baking has always been a passion of mine. So, I enjoy bringing the employees at the Munson Township Fire Department and Road Department baked goods two or three times a month to thank them for what they do. These men and women work hard and make a lot of sacrifices, often putting their lives on the line to make our community safe.

At the Oct. 25 Munson Township town hall meeting, I brought a cake for our fire department, as I have for years without issue. When I presented our Munson Township road superintendent with a cake for himself and his crew, I was told by the superintendent that he was told he is not allowed to accept it.

I was hurt, confused, insulted and angry when I realized through process of elimination that one of the trustees took it upon herself, without a motion during a public meeting, to tell the road department of this new “rule.” I am well aware of the fact that other residents have delivered baked goods and have even provided lunch or dinner for the employees of Munson Township without an issue.

I am no expert, however, I am sure the trustees in Munson Township are required to treat all its residents fairly and impartially. Too often in the past, and at present, a trustee or two and other government officials in Munson Township have forgotten that basic rule.

My recent treatment is further evidence in a failure of both basic decency and governmental standards in our local government.

Sandi Ferlin
Munson Township

Usher for Ohio

 Do you have a “line in the sand” that tells you that you can no longer support Gov. DeWine? I have two.

  1. During the lockdowns, he closed churches, but allowed abortion clinics to remain open.
  2. He put vaccinated people in a lottery and gave away $1 million per week of tax dollars to the winners.

I cannot legitimately vote for DeWine again.

There is another choice. Please write-in Marshall Usher for governor. He’ll be tough on crime work to stop indoctrination in the schools, ensure veterans are honored, as well as stop the flow of opioids and illegals to our state, and defend the unborn.

There is a choice!

Write-in Marshall Usher for Governor.

Molly Nikkila
City of Chardon