Letters to the Editor (Political)
October 7, 2021 by Submitted

Time for New People in Parkman

Many of you folks likely know there are five individuals running for two Parkman Township trustee positions this November. Frankly, I’m not all that enthusiastic about any of the five, but I feel that Joyce Peters and John Norman are the best choices of the five.

I’ve talked with all five to ask about their views and why they are running, and none are very forthcoming about ideas as we head into the future. Other than the incumbent, the other four tend to be quiet as church mice when they attend trustees meetings — not voicing much in the way of suggestions or opinions.

Two of the individuals running admit they have not been vaccinated and you might guess I would not endorse folks who are so inclined toward ignorance, selfishness or whatever their reasons.

Parkman Township is in a period of turmoil with road maintenance always an issue, the fire department being shorthanded and with no good solutions coming from the trustees or fire chief other than to keep pounding away with new tax levies on the ballot that the citizens keep turning down.

Trustees seem to always use shortage of funds as an excuse for inaction, but recently they have decided to spend around $70,000 for a new sign in front of the community house and improvements to the veterans memorial park. Come on folks, are these really the most important priorities for spending our tax dollars?

Time for some new people in office with new solutions for the future. Please get out and vote in November.

John G. Augustine
Parkman Township

Support Chester Police

As the Chester Township fiscal officer, I have been asked many times by the residents why does the police department need a levy when it still has carryover?

The carryover is money the police department hasn’t spent of its budget that carry over to the following year. The Geauga County Budget Commission requires all townships to maintain a minimum three-month (25%) carryover to the next year. That means if the township has a $1,000,000 budget, the carryover needs to be $250,000. Why? Because the real estate taxes aren’t dispersed to the townships by the Geauga County Treasury until the end of February.

If the police department budgets to $0 at 12/31, how would the police department pay the employees in January, February and March? In 2023, the police department would not be able to meet its carryover requirements.

With the current police staffing level, and extending the longevity of the cars and equipment, the levy is projected to keep the police department meeting all its financial obligations for the next five years. The police levy on the ballot this November is a 0.5-mill levy that will generate approximately $205,000 annually. This amounts to $17.50 annually per $100,000 of real estate value.

Why do the levy right now before the police department is in fiscal trouble? It is about having a plan for the future of the police department, providing a secure and stable future for our officers so they have no fear of losing their jobs. We are ensuring that the residents of Chester Township will continue to have the very best law enforcement personnel and services.

The levy this November keeps the fiscal needs of the police department to a minimum impact on the taxpayers. If the police department waits another year or two, playing “catch up” will have a much larger financial impact on the taxpayers.

Chief Purchase and his team have done a wonderful job managing the police budget. As fiscal officer, I review the spending of the police department on a daily basis. The department is consistent and accurate in its budgeting numbers and projections against the actual spending of the department.

I hope you will support the police this November with a Yes vote.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at 440-729-7058 ext. 3216.

Patricia Jarrett
Chester Township Fiscal Officer

Petruziello for Chester Trustee

Mike Petruziello is a stand-out candidate in a somewhat crowded race for Chester Trustee. I have the pleasure of serving with Mike on the Geauga County Mental Health Board, and I know him to be a man of strong moral character who cares deeply for local people and community.

I firmly believe that Mike will be a guardian of the public trust who will make fiscal responsibility a firm priority. Asking the tough questions and ensuring that tax dollars are wisely and competently spent will be his foremost pledge to Chester citizens.

As a long-time Chester resident, one reason that Mike has pointed to in his decision to seek election for Chester Trustee is to support local zoning and planning that will maintain Chester’s rural character.

Additionally, one of Mike’s top commitments will be to support Chester police officers and firefighters to keep Chesterland citizens safe and secure in their community.

Mike is an Army veteran, a fiscal conservative and a business owner. He also serves on the Geauga Metropolitan Housing Authority.

I believe that Mike Petruziello would be an honest, approachable, reasonable and responsible Chester Trustee.

Kathy Johnson
Chardon Township