Letters to the Editor
August 19, 2021 by Submitted

Health Commissioner Not Apolitical

Geauga County Health Commissioner Tom Quade has recently made some disturbing comments on social media regarding his opinion on how the 45% of Geauga County residents should be treated in the event they are infected with coronavirus. Mr. Quade states that those unvaccinated by choice should be denied coverage by their insurance providers in the event they subsequently catch the virus.

The position of health commissioner should be apolitical first and foremost, but it should also be to inform and educate the public, not coerce or lambast people regarding their personal and private medical decisions.

Furthermore, the county health department public Facebook page has disabled comments to shield Mr. Quade from dissent, which is of questionable legality.

This man should not be in a position to set policy for Geauga County. I would encourage anyone who agrees to contact their local trustees or village councils to formally register their disapproval of Mr. Quade’s handling of his duties to the public.

Chris T. Alusheff II
Aquilla Village

COVID Exhausted? I Hear You

The first thing that I did after I was fully vaccinated in April was to put our masks in storage. It had been a year of socially distancing and mask wearing, and I was relieved to go back to normal. It felt great and all the signs around me were pointing to the end of this pandemic.

But now we have the Delta variant and those in our community who are unvaccinated are at risk. And those of us who are vaccinated are at risk of spreading it.

Thankfully, we now know how to lessen the spread of this virus and it is so easy. Get vaccinated if you are able and wear a mask. I know that we are all exhausted with COVID, but it is not exhausted with us.

Remember our 12 and under population is not yet vaccinated and is at risk of being exposed to COVID. Without protections in place, some may become ill. The West Geauga and Kenston school boards have updated their masking policy to require masks in all school buildings. This is a great step, but we must all do our part.

So weary traveler, I see you and I understand, but please mask up again and get vaccinated if you haven’t had a chance. The children are relying on us to do the right thing.

Heather Fisher
Chester Township