Berkshire School News
September 2, 2021 by Staff Report

Students and staff returned to the halls of Berkshire Junior-Senior High, Burton Elementary School and Ledgemont Elementary School on Aug. 17 with much excitement and enthusiasm...

Badgers Back to School

Students and staff returned to the halls of Berkshire Junior-Senior High, Burton Elementary School and Ledgemont Elementary School on Aug. 17 with much excitement and enthusiasm. Superintendent John Stoddard traveled to all three buildings on the campus to visit with incoming students, building leadership and dedicated staff members.

Incoming Berkshire Junior-Senior High Principal Jon Franks greeted parents and students as they were dropped off and disembarked buses. Burton and Ledgemont elementary schools participated in their annual flag-raising ceremonies to commemorate the first day of school.

A great deal of excitement and energy accompanied students as they entered buildings throughout the school district. The Berkshire Local Schools encourages parents, families and community members to check the district website regularly for frequent updates and key pieces of information. Together, all will make the 2021-22 school year safe and successful. Thank you for everyone’s continued support and Go Badgers.

Alumna Earns Gold Award 

Abigail Myers, a graduating member of the Berkshire High School class of 2021, recently completed her Gold Award project as a long-time member of the Girl Scouts and has left a valuable message from which all can benefit.

Abigail is a 13-year member of the Girl Scouts. To complete her Gold Award project, she was required to invest approximately 100 hours of time. Only approximately 5 percent of eligible Girl Scouts complete the milestone. For her project, Abigail chose to draw a mural that sends a message to discourage bullying and uplift and inspire those around us.

The mural painted by a team that she led was posted near the north end of Berkshire High School, near the large gymnasium’s stairwell. Nearby to the mural that was completely drawn by Abigail is an artist statement with valuable information for resources, help lines and more to give aid to those who might be experiencing bullying-type activity in their respective lives.

Abigail has had much help along the way in arriving at this milestone moment. She credits her mother Lara Myers, who served as her troop leader, for inspiring her to stay involved. Other friends include Annemarie Morgan and her daughter Brigit who proved to be helpful sources of encouragement along the way as well.

Abigail will share her project with the Gold Award committee in August, which will complete her journey in the Girl Scouts. In addition to the mural project, she cites the process of earning badges for learning skills such as archery and sewing as significant goal-setting opportunities.

Abigail is headed to Kent State University in the fall, where she intends to study art in some capacity. She has followed her passion, left a resounding message for all to learn and in the process has made the Berkshire Local Schools very proud. Congratulations to Abigail and her family on a wonderful milestone achievement.

John Patterson Commemorated

The Berkshire Local Schools formally extend its congratulations and gratitude to John Patterson, a former member of the Ohio House of Representatives and an individual truly instrumental in the early planning of the location for the new preK-12 school that will open later in the year.

At a special ceremony that was held prior to the regular meeting of the Berkshire Board of Education earlier this month, Patterson was honored with words of praise and a heartfelt tribute from school district leaders. During the proceedings, district leaders presented a sign for John Patterson Educational Parkway, a roadway named in honor of the former state representative that will be located at the site of the new preK-12 facility.

Patterson served constituents in the 99th House District, which includes the communities served by the Berkshire Local Schools, for four consecutive terms.