Berkshire School News
June 9, 2022 by Staff Report

Burton Elementary School artists recently participated in a very fun and creative charitable community art project and auction called Garden Pole Greatness...

Little Lottie Garden Poles

Burton Elementary School artists recently participated in a very fun and creative charitable community art project and auction called Garden Pole Greatness. Each grade level from kindergarten through sixth purchased and then artistically designed a garden pole that was graciously donated by Burton Elementary teachers. The top designs were then sent out to the classrooms for the students and staff to choose their favorite designs. Two to four artists were then selected to create their class’s very own garden pole, which will be on display in Burton Circle until July 29.

Not only did the students act in a professional manner, but they also served as heroes for the community since each post will be auctioned off online through Burton Village Now, with proceeds benefitting the family of 3-year-old Charlotte Ahrens, affectionately known as Little Lottie, who is diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary hypertension.

Check out the Village of Burton Now Facebook page with links to the auctioned garden poles. Congratulations to the Burton Elementary students, their teachers, parents and everyone who helped make art a positive change in the community.

Students Conduct Final Chalk Board Experiment

As Berkshire High School students and staff excitedly look to the future opening of a new school building in August, they are also saying goodbye to many meaningful memories and traditions in the current building that have occurred over the past 70 years. Among those is an annual science experiment conducted in AP chemistry room 211. In April, students in AP chemistry took one final “around the room” acid-base titration notes from the chalkboards.

Around the room titration notes have been occurring during the acid-base unit in AP chemistry since 1990 when Fred Gearhart started the AP chemistry program and have continued under current AP chemistry instructor Carey Maske. An acid-base titration test involves having a solution of “known” concentration added to a solution of “unknown” concentration, with the amount of hydrogen ion (acid) or hydroxide ion (base) used to solve for the “unknown” concentration. A pH meter or color indicator signals the equivalence point.

During the project, students started out with 50ml of “known” nitric acid and added sodium hydroxide base in increments around the room to complete several different equations to solve the “unknown” concentration, which was done using charts featured on the chalkboards. Students also created a graph called a titration curve using the information on the board.

Countless Berkshire chemistry students, both former and current, have conducted the annual experiment at the chalkboards in room 211. While the chalkboards will be officially retired at the end of the school year, the memories created from their use will live on.