Notre Dame Elementary School News
November 11, 2021 by Staff Report

Kindergarten classes celebrated “socktober” and pumpkin day on Oct. 29...

Sock and Pumpkin Day

Kindergarten classes celebrated “socktober” and pumpkin day on Oct. 29. The kindergarten service project each year in October is to collect and donate new socks for the needy. The socks are delivered to a local church and passed out to families in need so they will have warm feet in the wintertime.

At the end of October, students celebrate by wearing silly socks on their feet and dancing to music. On the same day, the school also has pumpkin day where each child is given a pie size pumpkin. Students turn into scientists and observe their pumpkins by describing them with adjectives, looking at the outside of the pumpkins, counting the lines on the pumpkin, measuring how tall they are, measuring the circumference around the pumpkins and doing experiments to see if their pumpkin floats or sinks. Then, the students cut open their pumpkins and discover the seeds and pulp inside.

Mummification Study

The sixth-grade students became involved in a hands-on activity that recreated the mummification process as part of their Ancient Egypt unit. Students prepared apple slices with a mixture of salt and baking soda, leaving a second slice without any preparation. They incorporated the scientific method of writing a hypothesis, recording measurements and predicting outcome with preparing their mummies, or apples in this case. They will continue to examine changes that occur over intervals and chart the results.

Famous Figures Elective

In the Famous Figures academic elective, junior high students are exploring various figures who have made a positive impact on the world. They were recently joined by Mr. Burt Rutan via Zoom.

A leader in producing lightweight aircrafts and a former aerospace engineer, Mr. Rutan is most well-known for his development of Voyager and SpaceShipOne. Voyager became the first plane to fly completely around the world, never stopping to refuel. In total, Mr. Rutan has designed and tested 49 different aircrafts, ranging from lightweight to military planes. He encouraged students that although it is important to do well in school, they must also be energetic and go after the career that fuels their fire.

Mr. Rutan inspired students with the saying, “learn by doing,” encouraging them to try and fail, but get back up and try again until they’ve reached their goal. Through a question-and-answer session, students were able to speak with Mr. Rutan about their burning questions after having watched “Black Skies: The Race for Space,” which detailed Mr. Rutan’s process of building SpaceShipOne.