Sheriff’s Report
September 9, 2021

Aug. 27-Sept. 2, 2021

The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office Aug. 27-Sept. 2, 2021.


Aug. 27

5:38 p.m., Wilson Mills Road, Munson. Turtle in the road on Wilson Mills between Auburn and Fowlers Mill roads. Deputy checked area. Fast moving turtle was not located.


Aug. 30

3:13 p.m., Old State Road, Hambden. Caller would like a phone call. Her roommate changed the locks and her pet python is still inside. Roommate has not lived at residence for over a year and has not yet officially moved out. Caller said she is being difficult and isn’t being cooperative with dates and times. Advice given to continue to try to make arrangements to keep things civil.


Aug. 30

10:24 a.m., Joann Drive, Montville. Ex-boyfriend being aggressive and will not leave. Caller is afraid of retaliation. Male shoved caller and grabbed her. She dated him for a couple months. Caller and male have not been a couple in over 10 years. Caller contacted the male to spend the day together and they got into an argument over photos on his phone. Caller did not want to press charges, just wants him out of house. Male given a ride to storage units to wait for ride. Caller located additional bruising on her back, shoulders and breast area where she alleges he grabbed her. She said she was unsure if she wanted to press charges, but deputy gave advice about protection orders. Complainant said he wanted photos documented in case anything were to happen.


Aug. 27

9:09 p.m., Zenith Drive, Newbury. Male was beating caller. He has two knives on his person. Not currently at the house; he is on foot. Caller refused rescue. Male was choking her and pulled a knife on her. Male has been aware for four days; he is using drugs. Caller says he has warrants. Caller is home with her mom and son. She is complaining of head pain. Stated he was slamming her head off the house. Male rides 4-wheeler. Just a boyfriend. Deputy responded and arrested male for assault against his girlfriend.

9:19 p.m., Claridon Troy Road, Burton. 54-year-old female attacked by her boyfriend. She fled on foot. Male has multiple weapons at the house but unknown if he is still there. History of DV. Deputy advised. Female has visible marks on her person. She provided a written statement to deputies. Male arrested and transported to jail.

Aug. 29

12:01 a.m., Country River Lane, Newbury. Caller says boyfriend threw kitchen island at her. Also threw glass at her. No weapons, rescue declined. Female is hysterical. Both are intoxicated. Female advised she is bleeding from leg. Female won’t go into a different room because he broke the door in a previous fight. Male lives there but fight started because caller told boyfriend it’s her house and not his. Deputy responded and male arrested for DV and disorderly. Victim treated on scene for minor injuries.


Aug. 30

3:24 p.m., Claridon Troy Road, Burton. Female requesting extra patrol. Female said male killed her cat in past. Firearms were located and turned over to GCSO. Female also said she located tarps in his vehicle and believes he intends on using them to dispose of her body. Caller requesting extra patrol on her home in case he shows up. Extra patrol completed.


Aug. 30

10:59 a.m., Aquilla Road, Claridon. Caller would like to speak to a deputy regarding not doing a job he was paid for. Caller hired contractor and paid him $9,000 in early May as a down payment to seal basement. Work has not been completed to this date and cannot get money back. Advice given for court.


Sept. 2

7:32 p.m., North Cheshire Street, Burton. 16-year-old granddaughter at the fair being defiant with grandmother. Grandmother told her to sit in the car and she took off with her boyfriend.


Aug. 27

2:24 p.m., Leggett Road, Montville. 2-year-old took pills, not sure how many. Deputy advised. Not sure if she swallowed it, but it was on her tongue. Breathing fine. Saying her mouth hurts. Caller sees white on her tongue, but did not see pill. May have swallowed husband’s Xanax. Montville FD transporting for precautionary reasons. According to FD, child checks OK so far.


Aug. 29

11:33 a.m., Westfield Drive, Newbury. Caller is upset that neighbor has installed a camera on the neighbor’s property and it points toward caller’s daughter’s bedroom. Caller was advised it is not a criminal offense to post security cameras one’s property. Caller wants it documented he fears for his family’s safety.

Aug. 30

2:32 p.m., Ravenna Road, Munson. Female from WomenSafe walking and across the street there is a bridge in the woods. She states she saw human bones. She is upset and says there are a lot of bones. Appear to be deer bones. Photos forwarded to game warden who believes they are deer bones as well.

Sept. 1

4:30 p.m., Butternut Road, Burton. Caller states there are buzzards circling the property by the big trees they were searching around. Caller said he is home. Deputies arrived on scene and checked multiple properties. Deputy was able to see what the crows were interested in and it turned out to be corn. Deputy did not see or smell anything in area.