Sheriff’s Report
December 16, 2021

Dec. 3-9, 2021.

The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office Dec. 3-9, 2021.


Dec. 5

1:29 p.m., Butternut Road, Burton. Puppy stuck in the cage. His mouth is stuck on a hook. Puppy was cut free from the cage and is not injured.

Dec. 9

11:16 a.m., Taylor Wells Road, Claridon. Caller purchased a vehicle from an unknown male. He has lost the subject’s name and phone number, but needs this information to transfer title. He has asked if a deputy will provide the information attached to the VIN on the vehicle. Assistance rendered.

4:15 p.m., Bundysburg Road, Middlefield. Caller would like someone to assist him with putting a child’s car seat in a vehicle. Deputy assisted caller with putting a car seat in a truck.


Dec. 5

7 p.m., Aquilla Road, Claridon. Caller’s 92-year-old mother-in-law is being threatened by her grandson and her daughter. Caller reports grandson has guns and a CCW. Caller’s wife has had contact with mother-in-law and is reporting she is scared of them. Caller reported they were asked to leave and they won’t. Caller is not there.


Dec. 3

8:05 p.m., Auburn Road, Concord. IR requested. Escorted Chardon football team to the high school.


Dec. 7

7:41 a.m., Whitney Road, Montville. Complainant reported she received numerous calls from a random number in Phoenix, Ariz. She said she answered a Facetime call where an unknown male was exposing himself. She stated her two juvenile friends were inside the car and observed the video. Incident under investigation.

9:28 a.m., Castlewood Drive, Newbury. Caller wants his ex-girlfriend to stop contacting him. She has been sending him numerous messages and contacting his ex-wife. Deputy will call woman and ask her to stop calling.


Dec. 5

7:59 a.m., Main Market Road, Parkman. Crash into pole, two occupants, one male driver detained, one passenger uninjured. Accused driver of vehicle involved in a pursuit. Failed to stop after deputy activated his light bar and siren on 422 west of 528. Accused accelerated to speeds above 70 mph in a 35 mph zone and struck a utility pole at 422 and Grand River. After detaining driver, deputy freed passenger. Both checked OK and signed off with Parkman FD. A loaded semi-automatic pistol was recovered from the vehicle. Full report to follow.


Dec. 5

11:08 a.m., Lucky Bell Lane, Auburn. House is on fire, everyone is evacuating. Called back to report there is smoke in the house, but they do not see flames. Unknown where it is coming from. BVFD manpower page sent.


Dec 3

6:02 p.m., Bass Lake Road, Munson, Red signal flare gun shot off in the area of  Bass Lake Road. Dispatch advised they received a call saying people shooting off fireworks dude to Chardon HS football team winning state title.

Dec. 4

12:18 a.m., Mayfield Road, Huntsburg. Deputies located a female walking westbound on U.S. 322. She was lost, trying to find a bed and breakfast. Deputies learned her boyfriend was at a bed and breakfast on Nauvoo Road, and gave her a ride to that location.


Dec. 3

5:25 p.m., Hobart Road, Parkman. Caller reports while he was gone someone stole his black lab. While deputies were en route, caller found his dog in the house.


Dec. 4

3:29 p.m., Nicki Lane, Hambden. Caller reports she’s receiving threatening text messages from a female acquaintance who lives in Lake County and does not drive. Threatening to cut her throat. Caller did not feel it was a credible threat and only requested a report. With permission from caller, deputy left a message for female to contact GCSO. Caller does not wish to press charges at this time.

Dec. 7

4:18 p.m., Sperry Road, Chester. Male in lobby to report threat via phone. Complainant received a text message stating it was the cartel and complainant needed to pay $2,500 or his family would be killed.

Dec. 9

6:42 p.m., Notre Dame HS, Munson. A student came to caller advising another student was going to bring a knife to school tomorrow. Deputy spoke with both the other students and his mother, and he confirmed he made the comment. Deputy called principal and received his voicemail, and left a message asking him to call back.