Sheriff’s Report
December 21, 2021

Dec. 10-16, 2021

The following is a sampling of the calls handled by the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office Dec. 10-16, 2021.


Dec. 14

4:38 p.m., Trish Lane, Hambden. Several pigs loose in the area. Deputy responded and tried to get the pigs into the woods without success.

Dec. 15

12:15 a.m., GAR Highway, Hambden. On Route 6 west side of Old State, big pig in the roadway. Deputies checked area. UTL/GOA.

3:59 p.m., GAR Highway, Hambden. Large pig running in area. Deputy aware. Pig just ran east and across the street by the auto shop. Pig was not located; it belongs to Osso. Owner advised.

Dec. 16

3:35 p.m., Cutts Road, Hambden. Pig inside the pasture; it’s contained inside the electric fence. Contacted Osso’s owner; he is en route to pick up the pig.


Dec. 16

4:07, Madison Road, Thompson. Occurred on the school bus today. Caller’s son was assaulted. He is 14. His nose is bloody and lip is bloody. We want to press charges. Juvenile fight on the school bus that occurred at U.S. 322 and Claridon Troy Road. Report to follow.


Dec. 11

12:27 a.m., Kinsman Road, Newbury. Male refuses to leave Madrick’s Tavern, pulled a knife on a bouncer, who declined charges. Bar advised they wanted male trespassed from the property. Address was provided from ownership to send a certified letter to male advising him not to return.


Dec. 10

2:56 p.m., Shedd Road, Middlefield. Two female and three male Amish teenagers throwing things at vehicles. UTL/GOA.


Dec. 10

1:33 p.m., GAR Highway, Hambden. Someone is dumping their garbage in the park dumpsters. Miscellaneous household trash, mail returning to North Brown address and cat litter was found in the park dumpsters by the road department. There are no cameras in the area to view any illegal dumping. Deputy responded to North Brown address. No answer, left a business card advising female to contact deputy.


Dec. 10

8:53 p.m., GAR Highway, Hambden. Someone in a monster truck pulled into caller’s driveway, revved the engines, peeled out and ran over his sawhorses. Left east on Route 6. Deputy advised. Deputies can disregard. This was a friend of caller’s who pulled in.

Dec. 13

4:46 p.m., Cutts Road, Hambden. On Saturday evening caller found a brick and freshly placed cement in the storm drain pipe that goes in my yard. Unknown who put it there. There was some flooding in the basement, but I was able to control it. Deputy advised. Caller cut the end off that was clogged with concrete and water discharged properly. Caller just wanted it documented.


Dec. 11

12 noon, Pekin Road, Newbury. Caller’s brother was denied special clearance through the military because of allegations caller contributed money to an anti-government political group. Caller has no idea what the government is referring to; she does not know who to contact and would like to speak with a deputy. She said she has an estranged relationship with her brother who owns a business in Rhode Island. She denies the allegations but wanted to see who she could speak with to clear up the allegations. With help of dispatch caller was provided with information on who to contact with the government about the issue. Advice given. Nothing criminal about the incident.

6:57 p.m., Butternut Road, Burton. A younger male, about 10 years old, came to caller’s house stating he received an inquiry on a fish tank she was selling. The app was OfferUp. Male showed caller the text messages. Caller is not a member of OfferUp. Caller advised young male they were not selling anything on OfferUp. Male showed other items this person was selling and advised her they would probably have more people stopping. Requested extra patrol. Advice given.

Dec. 16

9:24 p.m., Claridon Troy Road, Burton. Dec. 17 TikTok challenge nationwide. Caller is upset and thinks the police should be aware. Caller has two children at Berkshire. Mentor has closed school. Caller wants to know what we are doing about it. Caller said he heard about this TikTok challenge and when he googled it he found out it was about shooting up schools. Caller wanted to make sure GCSO and Berkshire SRO are aware of it. Information will be forwarded to deputy.


Dec. 14

2:27 p.m., Main Market Road, Parkman. Telecommunication equipment stolen from behind the fire station. $8,600 worth of cell tower climbing equipment went missing after 6:30 p.m. on Dec. 13.