Hello from Geauga County Amish Country
December 5, 2019 by Sara M. Miller

It was a drizzly morning on Dec. 2 and one of the most important days of the year for the men hunting deer.

It was a drizzly morning on Dec. 2 and one of the most important days of the year for the men hunting deer. I suppose they would rather have a little snow than rain. Our five sons and eight or nine grandsons all left for Noble County early in the morning and came back in the evening.

Spending the day here a daughter Dan Sylvia’s while the guys were out hunting were Bob Hershberger Sylvia and Danny Miller Karen and little daughter Lori Ann and I. We made soft pretzels.

The evening of Dec. 1 our family gathered at son Wayne and Judy’s for our Thanksgiving dinner. We had turkey and all the trimmings. Everyone was present except the Philip and Martha family.

On Nov. 29, sister Edna and I picked up sister Fannie at her daughter Elva’s and we went to niece Laura Hershberger who had surgery on a bad broken leg several weeks ago. She had two rods put in her leg. She is coming along pretty good and is now able to put some weight on that leg. Niece Ellen Hershberger and niece Barbara Yutzy also joined us. We had a good time visiting and eating snacks.

Lots of Christmas shopping was done on Dec. 3. Daughter Sylvia, granddaughter Rosanna, Danny Ray Betty, granddaughter Cindy and I went shopping. Wednesday evening was our singing night. We went to the Jonas Miller family on Nauvoo Road.

Visiting their brother Albert and Betty Smucker in Mumfordville, Ky., two weeks ago were Andy and Sara Smucker, Henry and Sadie Miller, Monroe and Katie Smucker, Andy and Barbara Miller, Jonas and Esther Smucker and I’m not so sure if Annie Smucker also went along. She hasn’t been feeling so good recently.

Ben Byler and Joe J. Miller, both of Farmington Road, recently spent some time in the hospital. Ben was diagnosed with cancer and is being cared for at home. Joe had a blood clot on his lung and leg and is also healing at home. We wish them both better days ahead.

A son was born to Eddie and Regina Miller named Marcus. He has one little sister. Grandparents are Ray and Judy Miller and Marty and Susan Miller. Great-grandparents are Joe and Cindy Miller and I, and Henry and Sadie Miller.

From Out of the Past

Middlefield, Ohio: Nov. 25, 1893

We are having nice weather with about 9 inches of snow.

Simon P. Miller is visiting friends in Holmes County.