What is a Dawdy Haus?
March 9, 2018

Horse & Buggy Serving Pancake Breakfasts on Saturdays

Have you ever driven down Geauga County’s back roads and wondered why there are two or three Amish homes on the same property, sometimes even connected?

What may have started as a family home grew as the family grew. They then added another small house on the property for one of the children to move into, once married.

As that second generation family grows, and most of the kids have all grown and moved on, living areas are “switched,” putting the parents in the small house and moving one young second-generation family into the larger family homestead.

As “Yankees,” we may call that an “in-law suite,” but in Amish terms, it becomes the Dawdy Haus.

It is not unusual in the Amish culture for several generations to live together on one property forming strong family ties. Grandparents help with grandchildren and then, as time goes by, roles often reverse and it is the younger generations looking out for the grandparents.

It is through this time-honored system that one of our favorite places to get an excellent meal has relocated.

Horse & Buggy Dinners has moved from their Shedd Road location to 7925 Parkman-Mespo Road. Why?

In 1948, Walter Bricker, a young man raised by the Amish, and who eventually became Amish, had the opportunity to buy a home to start his family. He did that by trading his prize heifer for the homestead.

Today, his grandson, Mel, and his wife, Mary Ann, are moving back into the home to take care of Walter’s children, Mel’s parents.

Horse & Buggy Dinners will continue preparing their Amish wedding dinners in their new home for guests.

Folks can join in one of their open-seat nights on the fourth Friday or second Wednesday of each month. Guests enjoy a family-style dinner with chicken, potatoes, vegetables, homemade bread and jam, Amish date nut pudding and amazing fresh baked pies.

A group of at least 10 can schedule Monday through Saturday for a special dinner just for your group.

Pancakes on Saturdays

New this year, the Brickers have decided to give their guests a sweet experience by offering pancake breakfasts from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays, March 10, 17 and 24.

Breakfasts will include pancakes, with fresh Geauga maple syrup, sausage, scrambled eggs, juice and coffee.

Brickers are asking for a donation for the breakfast. Reservations for breakfast are appreciated, but walk-ins will be welcome as space allows. To make reservations for dinner or breakfast, call Mary Ann Bricker 440-693-4081, let the phone ring (as it is outside the home) and if you do get the voicemail, be sure to leave your number to receive a call back.

Lynda Nemeth is destination director of Discover My Cleveland and the former Destination Geauga director.