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October 14, 2021 by Staff Report

Though Chardon Schools' building custodians often work behind the scenes, the positive difference they make in the district's facilities is far from unseen...

Hilltopper Custodian Appreciation

Though Chardon Schools’ building custodians often work behind the scenes, the positive difference they make in the district’s facilities is far from unseen. Hilltopper custodians toil mornings, afternoons and nights to keep up with the cleaning projects created by the collective foot traffic of approximately 2,800 students and over 400 staff members learning, teaching and lunching at seven buildings each school day. The custodial team is also dedicated to assisting with event setups and cleanups on both weekdays and weekends to ensure the facilities are ready in countless ways for the myriad of extracurricular activities occurring throughout the district.

In recognition of National Custodial Workers Recognition Day on Oct. 2, the district shared social media posts to publicly express gratitude for the custodial staff’s daily efforts and also the many additional tasks the team has been called upon to extend during the pandemic.

Leading the team are the district’s head custodians: Michelle Adams at Park Elementary; Mark Avery and Spencer Stephan at Chardon High School; Paul Driscoll and Teresa Lesler at Chardon Middle School; Ralph Grimm at the Chardon Early Learning Center / Maple Elementary; and Darlene Hough at Munson Elementary. Team members include Claudia Beasley and Albert Julian at CMS; Kevin Cataldo, Judith DiFranco, Steffonie Parr and Don Reed at CHS; Jenifer Vojack at CELC / Maple; Charles Walsh at Munson; David Wendl at Park; and Keith Kostrab who serves the district working at multiple buildings.

2021 Ohio PBIS Awards

Chardon Local Schools is pleased to share that it received award letters this summer from the State Support Team Region 4 announcing recognition for the district’s 2021 dedicated commitment to the implementation of PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) in its schools:

The PBIS program, which is funded by the U.S. Department of Education, is designed to enhance social, emotional and academic outcomes for all students through a three-tiered approach focused on prevention of behavioral issues rather than punishment.

On Dec. 9, the Ohio Leadership and Advisory Council Action Forum and PBIS Conference and Showcase event will include a virtual-format celebration of 2021 PBIS awards earned by Chardon Schools and other school districts.

The awards to be bestowed to Chardon Schools include a 2021 PBIS Silver Recognition Award each for Chardon Early Learning Center, Munson Elementary, Park Elementary and Chardon Middle School; a 2021 Ohio Bronze Recognition Award for Chardon High School; and a 2021 Ohio PBIS District Recognition Award for the district.

To learn more about PBIS and how the approach is applied in each of our schools, visit the district’s news page at

Farmpark Field Trip

Chardon Middle School seventh-grade students in the Arthur Holden Leadership Institute program ventured to the Lake Metroparks Farmpark on Sept. 30 — the group’s first field trip of the school year — to expand their hands-on learning about soil. District bus driver Kim Concoby, a staff member in her 10th year with Chardon Schools, provided transportation to and from the Farmpark.

The seventh-grade AHLI club, made possible by the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation in cooperation with Lake County YMCA and additional community partners, is advised by CMS teachers Melissa Efantis and Jackie Brown. Mrs. Efantis said the Lake Metroparks Farmpark field trip was a success with students learning about soil, plants and successful gardening.