Amish Corner
October 1, 2020 by Sara Miller

We had a little shower on Monday morning and now the sun is shining again...

Hello from Geauga County, Amish Country,

We had a little shower on Monday morning and now the sun is shining again. So, maybe the ladies’ laundry will dry after all. All too soon, these nice laundry days will end.

Born to Allen and Mae Kauffman, of Madison Road, a daughter Marsha. She has five brothers and one very happy 8-year-old sister. Grandparents are Joe and Saloma Miller and Joe and Sara Kauffman. Great-grandparents are Mrs. John (Mat) Miller and I.

Our sympathy goes to the Sam Fisher family in the passing of their mother Emma, 82 years old. Her funeral was Sept. 29. Years ago, a group of us Amish ladies would volunteer at the Hattie Larlam home, including Emma. They would furnish our transportation and lunch. Many of those going have since passed away. The first one to help Hattie was Mrs. Jake Kurtz Katie when Hattie would take care of children at her home. Later, they built a home, as the need for a bigger facility was needed. I’m not sure if any Amish ladies are still helping out there or not.

The evening of Sept. 27, our family gathered at Dan and Sylvia Miller’s for Dan’s birthday. We missed Marks and Philips. Joining us were granddaughter John and Ruth Ann and family, Adam and Lori and baby, Christian and Sarah Hostetler and baby, Adam and Rosanna and family and Danny Ray and Betty. We sat around the campfire having cake, ice cream and snacks. It was a very enjoyable evening.

Ladies are winding up canning until apples come in for sauce and pie filling. Then, it is time for fall cleaning. Moving from a big five bedroom house to a smaller one bedroom home seems more doable. But, I still have too much stuff.

Plans were made for sisters Clara and Eli Kauffman and Sylvia and Albert Miller, of Mio, Mich., to leave for Jasper, N.Y. They want to visit sister Emma and Andy Weaver and widow sister-in-law Melvin Hershberger Mattie. The real reason for the trip is to bring back a load of grapes for their community. They planned to leave the morning of Sept. 28 and return Sept. 30.

Leaves are changing to their beautiful fall colors and also dropping on the ground. Pumpkins are seen on piles being sold and fresh apple cider is being enjoyed.

From Out of the Past

Middlefield, Ohio: Sept. 24, 1890

We moved here two years ago last spring. This country is improving quite fast, there are about thirty families here from Holmes and Tuscarawas counties and two families moved here from Kansas on the 19th of this month. They seemed to be very pleased with the country.

Farmers are about done threshing. Wheat yielded from 18 to 33 bushels per acre. Oats will average a fair crop, corn is a good crop and hay is extra good. The other day, I counted 29 haystacks within five miles.

We had no peaches and very few apples, pears were a good crop and also grapes and excellent crop, watermelons are plenty.

Farmers are cutting corn. We had two frosts, but they have not done any damage.

– Signed, A.B.C.

Sketchy Scholars

Q: Name the four seasons. A: Salt, pepper, mustard and vinegar.

Q: What is a fibula? A: A small lie.


You all have a good day.