Chardon School News
September 16, 2021 by Staff Report

A well-rounded Hilltopper education includes kindergarten through third-grade students learning a variety of guidance lessons this school year...

Zones of Regulation

A well-rounded Hilltopper education includes kindergarten through third-grade students learning a variety of guidance lessons this school year, including this month’s Zones of Regulation social-emotional lesson led by school counselor Erika Barnett.

Mrs. Barnett has planned a year-round, multi-faceted counseling program to promote K-3 students’ social, emotional, academic and career development, doing a rotation of the three schools’ classrooms each month to explore a different themed guidance lesson. The format of each class session typically consists of reading a story to the class, engaging students in a discussion and reinforcing their learning through a moving activity.

Through this month’s Zones of Regulation lesson, young Hilltoppers are introduced to a cognitive-behavioral approach that helps students understand their emotions as they relate to each zone: Blue (sad, sick, tired or bored); Green (calm, happy, focused or content); Yellow (frustrated anxious, silliness or worry); and Red (anger, rage or panic).

With a growing understanding of the Zones of Regulation, students can increasingly identify which emotional states they may be in at any given moment, a step in self-awareness that can then facilitate self-regulation. Students are encouraged to also apply their learning outside of the classroom where they can continue to practice awareness of which emotional zone they may be in during different situations with the understanding that no one zone is bad and that it is normal to experience each of the four zones at different times.

Mrs. Barnett’s classroom guidance lessons this school year will also include expected and unexpected reactions, coping strategies, kindness and caring, career exploration, respect and perseverance, among others.

Memorial Field Gratitude

Chardon Hilltoppers, staff, students and families alike, were thrilled for the debut of the first Chardon Memorial Field home varsity football game of the season on Sept. 3 following the completed installation of the new turf and scoreboard during the summer months. Many hands made the evening possible, including the district maintenance team’s diligent work on upgrades and cleanup throughout the summer.

“Chris May, Paul Marks, Eric Soeder, Ernie Haaser and Ken Shieff put many hours into making Chardon Memorial Field ready for its opening night,” said Steven Kofol, assistant superintendent of business affairs. “They completed landscaping projects, pressure washing, fence mending, fence painting, electrical projects and upgrades, general cleanup and many other projects to make the stadium look great.”

Also just in time for the field’s opening night, Class of 2022 fall athlete banners were hung by Chardon Athletic Boosters, Chardon Crescendo Club and Hilltopper Gridiron Club volunteers with the provision of the banners credited to Pastor Photography and sponsor Chardon Smile Center.

Chardon Schools is grateful for the rallying of numerous area school districts offering the use of their athletic fields in prior weeks as Hilltoppers awaited Chardon Memorial Field’s readiness for the fall season.